Stalker Season 1 Episode 13 Review: The News

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That was one crazy hour of television. 

We couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen in Stalker Season 1 Episode 13. Would we see Perry or Ray? 

Thankfully we got to see both and both were on the outside! Yes, as I guessed after Stalker Season 1 Episode 12, Perry used his family connections to get the guy who ruined Beth's life out of the mental institution.

Sadly those were pretty much the only developments on that front, aside from a chilling phone call, it was an installment light on Ray and Perry. Where does Beth go from here? She appears to be in a much better position than she's been before in terms of having friends. All of her work colleagues now know, so she isn't dealing with all of this on her own. 

Ray: Hello Michelle. Been a long time. I've missed you.
Beth: Is Perry with you?
Ray: You already know the answer to that Michelle, or do you prefer Beth?

Obviously it makes them a target, but to be honest Janice was one anyway. I'm getting the feeling we will witness our first major character death at the conclusion of this storyline. The only character I wouldn't be cut up about departing is Ben. His character doesn't bring much to the table aside from his blatant jealousy of Jack. We can't deny it was nice of him showing up with Jack and Janice on Beth's door step with pizza. 

This kid has no idea what he's just done.


Let's talk about the case. It wasn't the best one we've seen. It's up there with Stalker Season 1 Episode 7 as my least favorite. There seems to be a trend that when the cases are following famous people; they tend to be a bit out there and not good. 

Candice was crazy, that's not up for debate. She was also stupid. The fact that she had been with John for just a couple of weeks was quite a big giveaway that she wasn't going to come out the other side of the hour innocent. The scene which she went bat-shit crazy and took him hostage was fun to watch, but it just felt like there were so many points he could have over powered her. 

John wasn't the brightest either. I mean, why would he go back in the room when she went after Adele? He should have known she'd return. It would have been good to see both his wife and daughter. I'm sure they'd have talked some sense into him about Candice.

The scene in which John got a buffet of bullets was one of the most shocking scenes of Stalker Season 1. We expected the stalker to be in the house after he opened the door, but nope, she was in the car playing target practice.

The show successfully managed to throw a long list of suspects our way, all with motives, which was a good attempt, but it just seemed like a cop out when Candice was revealed to be the culprit. 

Anyone else wondering if John will hand the reigns over to Keith after this ordeal?

"The News" was a decent episode. It was more procedural than drama this week. The show works best when the time is split pretty much evenly between the Perry drama and the case. Let's hope another side story as engaging as Perry's is delivered if they get a chance to go into season 2. 

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Was Sam really out to hurt John, or did he really want to check he was OK?
  • Beth sure took a leaf out of Janice's book when it came to provoking Keith!
  • When are we going to meet Perry's family? It needs to be soon. 
  • Janice's comment about the guy Adele and Matt "entertained" was hilarious. 

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What did you think of this episode? How did you feel about the case? What is Perry and Ray's plan? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

The News Review

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