Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 Review: Secrets and Lies

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Oh, Stalker. What a thrilling episode to ring in the new year!

Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 found the team helping the mayor when it became apparent he had a stalker.

Let's speak about Perry first. I can't imagine anyone else in his role. Erik Stocklin is turning in excellent performance as the manipulative character week after week.

Was anyone else shocked he returned so soon? I was so sure they'd give the storyline a rest, but thankfully it reached new heights of craziness.

I think we all knew he was going to run off. There was no way he was going to accept Amanda's plea. Props to Janice for warming up Beth to the idea of letting Amanda help.

Beth is literally on the brink. She knows if she comes clean she will have to bring back Michelle. She is such a strong character and that's why she struggles to let people in.

Beth: Call Amanda, bring her up to speed.
Janice: You sure?

So.. Where did Perry run off to? Only the freaking facility in which the stalker who killed Beth's, sorry Michelle's, family is in! It was so chilling watching the twisted guy's face light up as he asked about her. Beth is now in more danger than ever and should call in her old Nikita pals for a kung fu takedown of these two stalkers. If Perry's money could get him off with attempted murder, the odds are that he can get her former stalker out of the facility.

All of the above craziness ran in tandem with case of the week, which was also entertaining. If you are scared of clowns, you most likely reached out for the cushion several times throughout the episode – I know I did!

It was very confusing that the mayor's wife, Elaine, admitted to stalking her husband with their son. It came out of the blue and, when we saw Alice showing up at the son's little house of horrors, it was evident it was all going to hit the fan. Alice was a little dumb; she should have known to run off into the night when she saw his crazy work. If she thought Drew was crazy, we shudder to think what she thought of him.

The development that Alice was the mayor's daughter was a good twist. Here we all were, scowling when the mayor pleaded he didn't cheat on his wife. He did, but many years before!

It was very stupid of Alice to continue her risky job, especially considering whoever was stalking her, almost attacked her in her house. Did anyone else laugh out loud when she fell down the stairs? Anyone in her situation would have thrown the shoes away to run faster.

Elsewhere, Amanda and Jack are being way too nice to each other. It's very unexpected, but she must be happy her son now has a relationship with his father. Also, Jack must be happy Amanda is no longer trying to run him out of LA.

"Secrets and Lies" was a fantastic outing for the show. It had everything we've come to love from this fine series and we can't wait for more. At least we have five more episodes to air in a row. It is a bit worrying that the show is disappearing from the schedule afterward, leaving three unaired. Yes, Stalker Season 1 is just 20 episodes. Not quite the full season we were promised, huh?

Other bits from the episode:

  • I didn't realize how much I would miss those spooky cover songs!
  • Janice owning Perry in the interview room was as awesome as you'd expect.
  • There wasn't a lot of Jack this week. It would be nice of him to share some scenes with his wife to be. Yup, Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott are engaged!

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What did you think of the episode? What will Perry do next? How did you feel about Amanda joining in against Perry? Hit the comments below!

Secrets and Lies Review

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Janice: Don't worry - no onw knows. I was discrete.
Beth: Thanks Janice.

Beth: Call Amanda, bring her up to speed.
Janice: You sure?

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