Pretty Little Liars Round Table: Is This It for Spoby?

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Viewers were treated to a proposal, a new neighbors and a very interesting storage locker on Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 16. What did they all mean?

Join TV Fanatics Winston Rice, Paul Dailly and Leigh Raines to discuss these issues, various relationship statuses in Rosewood and what was in that darn barrel in this edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table.

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PLL RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Winston: A using the new printing system at the Brew to mess with Aria's head? Genius.

Paul: The storage locker scene. It was really tense, but also a little annoying that the barrel didn't get opened.

Leigh: Favorite quote was Spencer casually admitting she had bolt cutters in her car, because…well, of course!

Who did the storage locker belong to and is Mona in the barrel?

Winston: Either A prefers to work in smelly filth (definitely possible) or Mona has been decomposing in that locker.  And if Mrs. Horowitz is to be trusted (never a sure thing in Rosewood), the locker belongs to a blonde, leaving Cece as my prime suspect.

Paul: I agree with Winston here. Cece is caught up in this some how. She just appears out of nowhere. I doubt she acted alone. I'm still thinking she and Holbrook are involved. Could she have killed him to silence him and put his body in the barrel? Possibly.

Leigh: All signs point to a one Miss Cece Drake! But also maybe Ali. I don’t know I think there is still a whole A team. Not sure about Holbrook, however. I don't think Mona is in the barrel. That is next level psychotic.

Are Toby and Spencer headed for a breakup?

Winston: Splitsville, population of 2. We all know Spencer and Toby will find their way back to each other eventually, but for now, they've played their last Scrabble game together. They need a breather. Spencer should explore her options, and by that I obviously mean Johnny. Every girl should experience a love affair with a painter at least once in her life, and Spencer should take advantage of Johnny's proxmity while she can. Bottom line: a nice little fling would distract Spencer from her copious problems and might just do a stress ball like her some good.

Paul: Probably. It wasn't that long ago that he was caught up in the A drama. Now he seems to think everythings a bad idea. I'm betting he would change his mind if Spencer was hauled back in. For now Toby's in the bad books with Spencer and me.

Leigh: I think Toby conveniently forgot about his past and thought that when he put that police badge on everything would change. Newsflash- the girls are in even deeper than they were before. If he expects Spencer to change who she is, then he doesn’t know the woman he claims to love.

Do you think Jason Dilaurentis is innocent?

Winston: I'll be nice and say he's innocent until proven guilty, but I still don't trust him. After all, he's got Hastings and DiLaurentis blood flowing through his veins.

Paul: I don't trust anyone related to Alison, regardless if she is his half sibling. Infact, I don't trust anyone in Rosewood. Everyone has deep dark secrets.

Leigh: No, Jason has always seemed shady. Remember when he dove into that elevator shaft when he was with Emily and then didn’t turn up for months? What the hell? Also he just happened to get stood up at the Grill with Aria? I think not.

Who will come clean sooner: Ashley to Ted or Aria to Ezra?

Winston: Ashley to Ted, for sure. I just don't see her being able to hold out much longer, especially after he got down on one knee and all. Besides, Aria has always been the prettiest little liar, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. 

Paul: I agree with Winston. Ashley seemed a lot more cut up about lying than Aria. I actually felt really bad for her. I don't think she was expecting to see Ted so soon, let alone propose!

Leigh: Ashley to Ted for the mere fact that she is older and hopefully knows better.

Where will the PLLs end up going to college?

Winston: Hopefully far away from Rosewood and definitely nowhere near Ravenswood, either. To be honest, I would actually prefer it if we didn't see the girls in college at all before the end of the series. Time has always moved slowly in Rosewood, so I think its feasible to have the last two seasons cover the end of senior year/the last summer before college. Pretty Little Liars, by nature, is a high school show and it should remain within its high school world. Most shows that transition from high school to college end up forcing all the characters into the same school or at least placing them in the vicinity of each other, and it always feels forced. Just look at Gossip Girl. The whole concept fell apart when everyone went to college. Each of the liars have different goals in life, and it would be nice to see all of them move beyond A and pursue an A-free life away from Rosewood.

Paul: I think they will all go their seperate ways. When this is all said and done, I don't see them being able to be friends after everything. I hope they don't resolve the A storyline in season 6 and do a time jump for season 7 for another A storyline. That would ruin the dynamics of the show.

Leigh: Likely all in Eastern Pennsylvania or very close to there. Who knows? The show could drag out until the summer before they all leave.

NOTEPretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 17 is titled "The Bin of Sin" and it airs TONIGHT.

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