NCIS New Orleans Round Table: Oh, Brother

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On NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 12, the team joined forces with CGIS Agent Abigail Borin from NCIS to investigate when Borin discovered a boat with two murder victims and a third person missing.

Meanwhile, LaSalle faced a far more personal problem when he reunited with his troubled brother Cade.

Join TV Fanatic Round Table Panelists David Taylor, Douglas Wolfe, Amanda Wolf, and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss the fallout from this episode, and be sure to add your own thoughts in the comments below!

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LaSalle finally caught up to his brother, who he hadn't seen in five years. Any thoughts on what's going on there?

David: I don't think there's necessarily wrong with their relationship, but it's challenged and constrained by the fact that Cade is mentally ill and probably keeps his distance out of shame or guilt or embarrassment, only to get himself into trouble along the way. After being bummed out over the fact that that poor little boy now has no parents, I was gratified to see that Cade thought enough to return to Chris' house for some help.

Doug: I was glad to see them finally reunite at the end, but am still pretty clueless about what’s going on with Cade. Love the reference to Holden Caulfield and the Catcher in the Rye.

Amanda: I have to agree with Doug that I still feel pretty clueless about what is going on with them. I am glad to see them reunite, but am also intrigued and confused.

Kathleen: I agree with David 100%. It must be incredibly difficult for LaSalle and his family in their relationships with Cade, dealing with his mental illness and all the terrible baggage that accompanies it. I was so gratified that Cade was on LaSalle's doorstep at the end of the episode. I'm sure we'll find out more about the trouble that's been chasing Cade through the years.

There have been criticisms that the NCIS crossovers were potentially more annoying than helpful this season. Did CGIS Agent Borin's appearance here add to the story, or was she a distraction from the regular cast?

David: This crossover didn't bother me as much--perhaps I'd become accustomed to seeing crossovers on this show, but I do have another perspective. Borin was introduced on NCIS, and there was always that "learning curve" and professional tension/sense of competition between the teams. However, we're led to believe that Borin already knew Pride so there wasn't any of that here. Matter of fact, Borin's bantering with Sebastian was kinda funny--she never did that kind of thing with Abby Sciuto (nice honorable mention on the show, by the way) as far as I can recall.

Doug: I don’t see Borin as a crossover personality in the same way that Gibbs or Tony would be, so there was no irritation at all. In fact, Borin might be considered more of a wild card personality, since she exists in her own agency, not directly connected to any of the NCIS shows.

Amanda: I enjoyed Borin on this episode. She didn't feel overpowering to the rest of the cast, and she actually brought something to the case. Not to mention, the episode started out with her and was a good lead-in to the episode.

Kathleen: I agree with David that having Borin already known to Pride and LaSalle changed the dynamic a bit, and in a way that was helpful. The fact that she was neither a main cast member on NCIS helped, as well. And her appearance made more sense than Fornell (no matter how much I love him) because the CGIS is so much smaller than the FBI. I wouldn't mind seeing her again.

Double Homicide - NCIS: New Orleans

What are your thoughts on the case itself, especially its conclusion?

David: Well… as I mentioned earlier, I wasn't happy that a little boy now has to be raised by his grandfather and that Mom will never make good on her promise to take him sailing on the ocean. Further, this is one of several recent episodes of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans where a female character we identify with as being sympathetic actually turns out to be (or could be - think Sasha from last week's episode of this show) a villain.

Doug: I was hoping that Anna Huntley would be innocent and was gratified to learn that she was. I should have realized that the seemingly-innocent-looking Professor Jones was the villain. I was really hoping they would have found Anna alive and well. You know, when Professor Jones entered that last scene, complete with her red hat, did anyone else think she looked like Carmen Sandiego?

Amanda: I was disappointed when it turned out to be the professor. There was a lot of momentum to the case and I was hanging on to the fact that the mother was still alive, and possibly being blackmailed. To counter my own point though, part of the thrill was that in the back of my mind I knew the mother was dead, but I didn't want it to be so. It was a good psychological twist.

Kathleen: For my own part, I was struck by how unusually tragic the ending was, with the search team locating Anna Huntley's body. Learning that she died trying to save her friend's life was a bit of a cold comfort for her father, wasn't it? Finally, I was unimpressed by the professor's motive. Can the NCIS: New Orleans writing department come up with a non-financial motive for murder, please?

Was there a scene or line that stuck out for you, positively or negatively?

David: I liked the knuckle bump that preceded the fade to black at the end of the show. LaSalle once again proves that he's the kinda guy that would do just about anything for just about anybody at just about anytime. We should all be as lucky to have someone like that in our lives.

Doug: I agree with David. So rather than repeat anything he said, I’ll go for the scene where the Admiral learned that his daughter not only was dead, but died heroically, attempting to save the life of her friend. The look on the Admiral’s face was poignant, as he warred with grief and pride over the heroic manner of her death.

Amanda: I don't know what more can say on favorite scene as you two pretty much nailed it.

Kathleen: LaSalle really stepped up to a whole other level in this episode. The line that stuck with me the most is one I noted in my review: “I ain't blamin' you for bein' sick. I'm just pissed you're not fightin' like hell to get better.”

Which character - regular or guest - would you pick for the episode's MVP and why?

David: Gotta go with Plame for this one. It was his deep web work that led to the capture of the nutty professor.

Doug: I’m going with LaSalle - the one guy who continually shines in every episode. In this one, his constant though frustrated love for his brother remains strong, regardless of whether his efforts are accepted or rejected.

Amanda: I am gonna go with Borin and Pride as a duo.

Kathleen: LaSalle was amazing throughout, and it was so sad when Cade initially rejected his brother’s attempts to help him. An honorable mention goes to Admiral Huntley (Corbin Bernsen), who owned up to his own past failings as a father even as he came to grips with the growing certainty that he would have to raise his young grandson alone.

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