Jane the Virgin Round Table: Has Sin Rostro Been Found?

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The infamous Sin Rostro may finally have an identity after Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 10... and it's someone we have met.

Below, TV Fanatic writers Ariana Guzman, Amanda Steinmetz, Paul Dailly and Mary Kate Venedam gather to discuss the midseason premiere of Jane the Virgin. 

Ready to jump in to the first-ever Jane the Virgin Round Table?

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Now that there is a legitimate suspect for Sin Rostro, do you believe "The Man Without A Face" could be Rafael's father?

Ariana: I think it's a definite possibility. But then again, there are several other possibilities as well, each that sound as good, if not better than the last. My top three suspects are Petra's mom, Michael and now Rafael's father.

Paul: No. I do think that he is somewhat involved with him. Could he be hiding him? Possibly. Either way, I'm intrigued and can't wait to see how this storyline plays out.

Amanda: He very well could be. He come across as nothing but shady. However, he seems too obvious to be Sin Rostro at this point. He could just be a red herring. I'm not saying Rafael is Sin Rostro, but he is definitely hiding something.

Mary Kate: I think it could be him. At the moment, all signs point to him after his suspicious phone call and Croatian residence that Rose discovered. It would be interesting if they completely tricked us and it is someone new. 

Were Jane's friends right to ask her for a favor about their jobs?

Ariana: I can understand why they asked but I think they definitely crossed a line, especially when they made her feel guilty about being involved with their boss and not being able to use that situation for their benefit. Frankie is a single woman without children it looks like and she doesn't have two small children depending on her for the paycheck. I think it was childish and immature on their part.

Paul: No. They put her in the most awkward of situations and it led to Jane having to apologize to Rafael in the end. It would have been entirely unprofessional if Rafael gave in to her. Why should he put Jane's friends before other employees? Plus, Frankie wasn't exactly the best employee. She's turned up late on several occasions. It doesn't give off the best impression, does it?

Amanda: Yes and no. I see why they would, but they probably shouldn't have. They put Jane in an awkward position with Rafael. Even so, they are right about Jane changing. Whether Jane likes it or not, her involvement with Rafael changes her status and future.

Mary Kate: I agree with Paul. Obviously, they are concerned about their jobs, but asking Jane that big of a favor of her new boyfriend/baby daddy is a lot to ask. At least Jane realized how awkward it was and Rafael stuck to his guns about it.

Because of Xo's promise, what do you think is next for her and Rogelio?

Ariana: I think she will struggle with her promise to God for a few episodes before ultimately giving in to the undeniable passion between her and Rogelio. She's not Jane and she doesn't have to be. I think the audience embraces the differences between Xo and Jane.

Paul: Marriage! A long overdue one at that! Maybe i'm dreaming, but I see this happening before the conclusion of season one.<P>

Amanda: Honestly, it's sweet Xo made that promise, but it's not going to last long. I'm not a huge fan of Xo being with Rogelio. He's great comic relief, but she can do so much better.

Mary Kate: It seems there's going to be a lot of will they/won't they for a while. I think it would be interesting to see Xo and Rogelio in an actual relationship because of their personalities and past together, but I'm OK waiting for that to happen.

Now that Petra has signed the divorce papers, is she done causing trouble for Jane and Rafael?

Ariana:  The trouble is far from over. I think she will turn to him for help her with this Milosh situation. But he doesn't believe her. It's definitely a situation where he would have to see it to believe it,  considering all of Petra's (Natalia's) lies.

Paul: I doubt it. She's now in more deep than ever, since her prisoner escaped. I'm guessing he'll try get more money out of her and she'll resort to pestering Rafael again.

Amanda: Will Petra ever be done with causing drama? My guess is no. Not as long as her crazy mom is pulling her strings. I'd like to think that deep down Petra is a good person. Her mother... not so much.

Mary Kate: No way. Even if she thinks she's done, I agree with Amanda, there's no way her mother is going to let her stop pushing for money. There's also the issue of a certain hostage of their's that has escaped and will return at a bad time.

The narrator shed some light on Michael's promise to love Jane forever. What do you think he meant by 'until his last breath?'

Ariana: It could be a literal meaning and Michael could at some point die, whether briefly or permanently, during the season. But I think it would be more interesting and fun if it was metaphorical and the Michael we all know dies. I think Michael definitely has a dark side and the potential to become a villain. It would be cool to explore that side of him.

Paul: Could he be leaving the land of the living some time soon? Hopefully not. He could still love her until he's grey and old.

Amanda: Okay, I'm really nervous for Michael. This could be another red herring, but the narrator sounded way too ominous for my liking. I am firmly on team Michael right now. Rafael is smooth and all, but Michael is just so adorable and really cares for Jane and her family. I don't want anything bad to happen to him.

Mary Kate: I don't think it's looking good for Michael. The message was way too cryptic to not mean something bad, like life or death bad. I have to admit I would be sad if that meant his death because I think his story with Jane is still not finished.

What was your favorite moment from the episode? 

Ariana: I loved all the scenes in reference to the rosary and the theme of prayer. I'm a Catholic Puerto Rican, so it definitely hit home for me. I was always taught to pray in times of crisis and I could definitely relate. Also, finding out about Alba's possible deportation broke my heart and I love that the show was able to tackle a controversial topic like immigration reform in only a way like Jane The Virgin could.

Paul: Favorite moment was Rafael's step mom and sister going at it while the creepy girl looked on from the bed. It was the craziest moment from the show to date. It was so awkward to watch the seconds before it happened, probably because we all knew it was coming.

Amanda: I loved the beginning where the narrator explained where we left off with Michael and Nadine, accusing the audience of being pervs. The narrator is one of the best parts of the show!

Mary Kate: I am Team Rafael all the way, but I did like the moments between Jane and Michael in the elevator. It was sweet to see how much Michael cares for her and everything he did to let her speak to Xo at the hospital. What made it funnier was Rafael on the other side of the elevator, as Michael comforted Jane, when it finally opened. Only on TV.

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