Helix Q&A: Kyra Zagorsky and Steven Weber on Immortality, Cult Life on the Island

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I think it's safe to say that the Helix DNA remains intact. Helix Season 2 Episode 1 was arguably as insane and unpredictable as last year.

Jules was abducted by the eccentric, Caleb, who ultimately brought her to Alan Farragut's tombstone. That's right, Walker's story takes place 30 years in the future this season. Talk about a twist only the Helix writers could dream up. Caleb is aware of the immortals as well, but how?

Peter, Sarah and Kyle's adventure led them to the mysterious Brother Michael's Abbey and his zoned-out monkish island cult.

Helix stars Steven Weber and Kyra Zagorsky were kind enough to give us some insight into the new season. They even dropped a few minor spoiler nuggets (be warned) about the immortals, the creepy cult and whether any characters get a chance to play in both time periods.

Steven Weber and Kyra Zagorsky of Helix

TV Fanatic: I recently spoke to Billy Campbell and he said the cast/crew loved the Season 2 locations versus last year's sound stages. Kyra how did you feel about this year's locations and the different feel overall?

Kyra Zagorsky: Well this season, everything about it is different. The woods and the beauty of it, the colors are different. Last season was very cold, I think this season's got a bit of a warm feel to it. There were so many different locations within the location of the island. It just opened up the world quite a bit and it made it a lot of fun.

TVF: Steven what was it like coming into this insane Helix world?

Steven Weber: It was very enjoyable for me. I'm old friends with Billy Campbell; new best friends with Kyra. It's a genre that I enjoy. They wrote a great, fun character for me and one that I'm not accustomed to playing. It was wonderful, it had a heavily layered arc and texture to it as the show does. So it was a great joy.

TVF: Brother Michael is the mysterious guy this year... the new Hatake! Steven did you watch the first season? If so, is this exactly the kind of guy you thought would be fun to play?

SW: I didn't see the first season, so it sounds like I'm a mushroom. Are you saying that I'm a hatake mushroom? No [laughs], I didn't see it, but I was aware of the show. I really don't watch that much television, but I did catch up a little bit.

TVF: Season 1 was Julia's origin story in many ways. Can you guys say if we'll learn even more about the immortals and their background? They seem to be such an important piece of the puzzle.

KZ: It is an important piece. Julia's on her own journey this season, and it's interesting because now that she's immortal she has to figure out how to navigate though this new world. And what that means to her; what that means to her relationships and who she connects herself to. So, we definitely get introduced to some new immortal characters.

TVF: Even though Julia's immortal, this year she's infected again. Did you know that was coming?

KZ: Ha no! [laughs]

TVF: You just can't catch a break!

KZ: I can't catch a break. They love to put me through the ringer; they do. Julia faces various challenges this year, but it was a lot of fun. It's pretty great, I feel like on the show I'm training to be the next lawyer, the next doctor, the next politician, the next Indiana Jones; what have you. All within this season, so it's pretty exciting.

TVF: Will we get a backstory for each of the cult members? Obviously in the first episode everything is very mysterious. Steven, can you say if we'll get all those character's backstories?

SW: Yes I can say... They do explore the origin of the cult and several of its members. Although, that's all I can say.

TVF: Gotcha, of course that's one of the big mysteries of the season.

TVF: The story plays out in two different time periods. Can you guys talk about whether some of the characters will get a chance to play in both time periods? Or is Julia's arc basically 30 years in the future?

KZ: I'll be bouncing between time periods, but I'm the only character that does that.

TVF: Since the show picks up 15 months after the Helix Season 1 finale, do they fill in the gaps so we see everything that happened in-between?

KZ: I think it feels like there's a lot of questions that are not answered from Season 1. The pressing questions will get answered as the season moves forward. You don't really get a sense of what's happened in-between, but you get a sense of the big events of what happened to get all the characters to where they are now.

TVF: Helix is insanely unpredictable... Were you guys shocked week to week by the scripts or did you have a general idea where your character's arc was headed?

KZ: I never had an idea. Sometimes you get the scripts pretty close to when you have to start shooting; so it's a lot of quick thinking and just throwing yourself right into this crazy Helix world. There's a lot accomplished this season, it's a darker season, it's more provocative, it's more twisted. There's a lot of big 'oh my God' moments.

TVF: The season definitely feels darker and a little more serious. Are there moments that are sort of campy and fun like the first season? Because that's one of the things that made the series truly unique I think.

KZ: There's a lot of campy and fun stuff. There's a lot of bizarre stuff that comes out and really opens up a very strange world. I think even weirder than last year.

TVF: How would you guys describe the second season in 3 words?

SW: Three words?

KZ: Twisted

SW: Virus... Helix! [both laugh]

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