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Alright, Lindy, you ready for the tooth and nothing but the tooth?

That opening with the dressed up mannequins chilling in front of the TV,  a chandelier of teeth hanging over them, was pretty disturbing. I liked it! And truly the episode itself stood out as the strongest yet.

I'm a big fan of Victoria Justice and she just seemed oddly stiff to me in the last two episodes, as if the mantle of dramatic actress wasn't one she knew how to wear. Thankfully, she may have shed those new gig jitters because she felt far more natural in tonight's episode. And I positively loved it when she threw down on Connor. It totally reminded me of that iCarly episode where she was a boxer.  

Take That! - Eye Candy

Storywise we made some real progress in Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 3. It's a little farfetched that Lindy would have such great psychological insight into the killer's mind and motives without any kind of training, but that aside I was really taken with the whole "My Perficio" motive. Showing how people give heightened, false impressions of themselves online and what stripping that away would look like is really provocative. 

Lindy's final lines to Tommy make you wonder what she sees as her own imperfections. And is she hiding even more? Clearly the killer has something to do with her sister's disappearance. But how, why? Was her sister's kidnapping a set-up to get Lindy where she is now? Does her dad have something to do with it? Was their something in that birthday card he sent and she threw away? Afterall, he is the only other person who knows the story behind the missing bracelet.

Initially I thought the kidnapping and the killer stalker were two separate stories that might somehow converge, but now I suspect they are one in the same. As Lindy didn't become a hacker until after her sister's disappearance you have to wonder what she did to get on the killer's radar.

I will say this, how in the hell did Lindy NOT see that creep staring at her from the opposite window? And did she look him directly in the face before passing out at the party? Also, how's it possible no one noticed a girl passing out cold in a stranger's arms, a stranger who suddenly showed up out of nowhere all dressed in black? Pay attention people!

By George, I think he's got it! Not only does Lindy's friend pay attention, he's got swag and I positively adore him. I think Harvey Guillen is one of the best things about the show. He's adorable and the perfect comic foil for a show this tense. Now if only he had some one-liners about Tommy's hair. What was with that helmet head when he was at Julia Becker's house? Without the part, he starts looking like a plastic-headed Ken doll.

Finally, I'm glad Jake is innocent. Yeah, you shouldn't look up a girl's address and just randomly show up on her doorstep – no matter how hot you are ‐ but since you and Lindy now have that rule firmly established maybe there's hope you could be one of the good guys.  

So what did you think? Was this a stand-out episode for you? Do you like the psychological motives behind the killer? Think Lindy's dad  has something to do with what's going on? Hit me up in the comments and please feel free to share this post.

If you missed this pivotal episode make sure you watch Eye Candy online. It's one you don't want to miss.

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