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Oh Lindy. Eye Candy would probably be a lot better if you were a little more likable.

There's nothing inherently wrong with the series, but for all of her draw, Victoria Justice isn't really bringing it as Lindy. There was one moment, when she sat in the coffee shop with Det. Shaw as Shaw offered to make up for the police letting Lindy down regarding her sister's disappearance when it seemed the full weight of the situations were upon her.

Otherwise, in Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 2 she mostly just goes through the motions. In order to make a series dealing with such dramatic topics stand out, she'll either need to be emotional or comical. Pretty Little Liars does it well with their larger cast. Connor can be comical here, but it's unclear where Lindy and Sophia fall at this point.

It also seems highly unlikely either of the two remaining Flirtual dates will be the killer. Why? Because it's too easy and, after they're gone, then what? If this killer is so meticulous, he couldn't have picked Lindy because she picked him. He had to have done the picking. There has to be more to the story.

We can knock Reece off the list now. Poor guy. He was a little strange after a couple beers, but what he had to say about cars was kind of poetic, in a way. He's selling cars to wealthy idiots and they feel so full of themselves as a result, never realizing that, like themselves, their cars are all going to end up in a graveyard.

A guy would have to be somewhat kind to understand a car holds unique memories such a first kisses, holidays and even deaths. Just as it seemed he was someone to like, he starting getting a bit grabby. At least he apologized quickly and even gave Lindy the keys to his car.

Jake was very sweet. Perhaps too much so? He's the only remaining date and Lindy will likely get romantically involved with him, making him even more difficult to judge. We'll play is he or isn't he over and over again.

If he is the killer, he can't cut all our heads off... Just don't eat the food. Poison seems more his style.


One thing is certain, the killer has a nauseating voice. I would have never picked that particular actor to voice the killer. He's not frightening in the least. It's also making it a little difficult to take him seriously. Granted, we're the only ones who can hear him, but maybe that makes it worse. If we only saw text messages or videos as the victims do, it might make more of an impact.

Could Lindy have hacked that car in the minute or so she had available? Probably not. If she had to bring in George to get the password for the traffic cams, she's not that good. Had she blown through the passwords for the traffic cams without issue, maybe. It seems that would be easy for a hacker. How would she even know where to start inside an unfamiliar car at full speed, digging into a software system with a man's life on the line? The pressure would be tremendous. Yet, Lindy doesn't often bend to pressure. She's a little too cool.

Tommy being in the trunk of the car lets him off the hook for Reece's death, and Connor is off the hook as well, I assume. He was looking pretty shady inside the police station, taking photos of the crime board and asking Tommy about being alone in the office. What was that all about?

For all of these problems, I still like Eye Candy. The hour flew by. There wasn't one moment when I found myself looking at the clock hoping it was almost over and that's a good indication my attention isn't being wasted. Every show doesn't have to be perfect, but it doesn't hurt to point some of these things out just in case someone might be reading. The ratings were pretty poor for Eye Candy Season 1 Episode 1 and I'd rather see this succeed than fail. If this helps, then it's a win.

I'd love to see the series care enough about the show to toss out some tempting artwork to promote the upcoming episodes. That'd be a nice and very normal promotional type thing for a network to do. That it doesn't makes me wonder what they're hiding.

Where do you stand after two installments? Do you think the story will work if Jake is the killer? Are your eyes still on Tommy? Could he have a partner? Have you noticed any of the little things that I have or am I being too picky? I'm always open for discussion!

If you've missed it so far, you can watch Eye Candy online via TV Fanatic. Have fun!

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