Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Full Grown Boy

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Parting is such sweet sorrow, but Bobby has officially left the building.

This week, Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 2 gave us one last chance to say goodbye to a favorite character, while welcoming a much anticipated new one. 

At the first mention that Laurie was selecting baby names, I knew a few silly options were coming. True to form, her favorites included Fancy, Macho, Pinot, and Pea, among many, many more. They seemed to get more ridiculous as time went on. Understandably, Travis was mortified that his child might be named after a wine or a vegetable, so you couldn't help but side with the guy when he enlisted Ellie's help into tricking Laurie out of her choices. 

Last week was seriously lacking in Bobby, so we got an extra helping of him in his sendoff episode. It was great to see one last bonding adventure between the guys before Andy and Grayson had to say goodbye for good. And who doesn't love a good velcro wall?

Sometimes doing the hard thing gets you where you need to be.


The dud plot of the night had to be Jules' mother hen approach to dealing with Chick.

Even though he showed no signs of being sick or ailing at all, Jules' determination to treat him like he was on his death bed was pretty ridiculous. Seeing Tom dressed up in Antebellum period wear – parasol and all – almost made it worth it though. 

If you, like me, mistakenly thought that this baby would be a series finale birth, then woah were you wrong. Laurie's water broke in the middle of the fake battlefield, meaning that we got to meet the newest member of the cul-de-sac crew much earlier than expected. 

Travis and Laurie really seem to be pulling it together lately, and it was so great to see them tackle this first hurdle as a couple. It was even more touching to watch them pick out the baby name together, even if they were cutting it a little close.

If the group huddle in the hospital room didn't tug at your heartstrings enough, then how about this adorable baby boy's name? Bobby might have been leaving, but his namesake is here to stay. Welcome to the family Baby Bobby! You sure are a cute one.

Check out Baby Bobby Cobb when you watch Cougar Town online.

Which ridiculous baby name was your favorite? Were you ready to see Bobby go? Let us know in comments below!

Full Grown Boy Review

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