Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Disco Bob

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On Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 12, the team investigated the double murder of a mother and daughter.

Obviously the dad was questioned first, but it sure took the team time to find him. Finding the clothes in his car was an immediate red flag. It looked bad, real bad, but where was his son, Jordan? 

Burgess and Roman managed to find him after speaking with Shelby's boyfriend, Owen. The guy seemed pretty genuine. You can only imagine our shock to find out he was the one who orchestrated the whole damn thing.

Well, he didn't kill them. He left his dirty work to someone else by telling him the family has money and loads of valuable stuff inside the house. Little did he know the family was broke. My main gripe with him being behind this is that it just seems so random. It was as if someone just wanted to think of the most shocking way to drive this case forward and rolled with it. 

It was really nice that Voight realized the team was quick to point fingers at Wes and went to see him. I must give props to the guy, he fully understood and didn't appear to hold a grudge. 

Elsewhere, Lindsay left the task force. Let that sink in for a moment. We all expected this to happen, just not this soon. We were all so happy that Lang was gone, but his replacement, Jim was doubly as obnoxious. Poor Lindsay had the worst experience since quitting CPD. Will CPD be the best place for her? Probably.

Will this affect her relationship with Halstead? Also probably. He will also probably be happy about her return, but we don't know if Lindsay will be up for continuing the relationship. Hell, she should ask Ruzek and Burgess for dating tips. The two of them have managed to stay very much in love so far. 

When Burgess went to the door, she was hesitant. Anyone would be if they previously knocked on a door and almost got blown away. It must have taken a lot for her to face her fear so soon. I'm hoping Roman does not have feelings for Burgess. If he does, she had better not feel the same.

Jack Coleman of Heroes fame guest starred as Ruzek's father. The promo made him look like he was going to be the bad guy. He wasn't, but he wasn't the most pleasant of guys. He has a past with Voight, evidenced by the threat he gave at the police station. It makes a change of pace, Voight being threatened, doesn't it?

Bob: What about the guy I gave Voight?
Ruzek: I said we got it. If we need anymore of your help, we'll ask.

"Disco Bob" was a decent outing. The case had a good amount of twists, while the developments in our police officers' lives were quite exciting. We are all ready for the crossover event. Bring. It. ON!

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • There wasn't enough Platt. Platt always brings hilarious one liners with her. 
  • Was anyone else glad we didn't witness the news being broken to Jordan about his parents? That would have been heartbreaking.
  • We were expecting someone to attack Voight in the final scene. When a door is knocked in the final minutes of drama series, it almost always ends in disaster. 

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What did you think? How do you feel about Lindsay's decision? What did you think of the case? What are your hopes for the upcoming crossover? Hit the comments below with your thoughts!

Disco Bob Review

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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Bob: What about the guy I gave Voight?
Ruzek: I said we got it. If we need anymore of your help, we'll ask.

My mom heard a noise and told me to hide.