Castle Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Castle P.I.

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Richard Castle's been hiding something. Beckett thought he'd been spending all of those hours in his pajamas in front of the computer playing TerraQuest. Turns out she was wrong. 

Meet Richard Castle, Private Investigator. 

Going into Castle Season 7 Episode 11, I was a bit concerned about having Castle and Beckett working apart, but I needn't have been. They managed to work together fairly often and even their separate scenes were a lot of fun…and Castle still managed to bring Kate her coffee. 

It was really quite sweet. Castle's whole point of getting his P.I. license (which he's so proud to show everyone) was to be able to work cases with his wife. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way, but I still couldn't complain. Castle on his own provided more than one laugh out loud moment. 

As when Rick got pepper sprayed by the dog sitter, which to Castle was almost like a badge of honor…

Castle: Did I tell you I got peppered sprayed today?
Alexis: You say that like it's a good thing.

There were so many things to enjoy in this episode. Like Alexis bringing her father dinner at his office.  And speaking of his office…it was awesome!  The 1940s film noir feel with the old elevator and the glass doors was worthy of Castle's new role. I hope we get to see this set several more times before this story arc ends because I really loved it. 

Perlmutter was simply too happy not to have Castle working the case and hysterically livid when he found Rick standing over his dead body in the morgue. Too bad Lanie wasn't around because Perlmutter would have rather traded places with the victim than help Castle in any way. 

I found it interesting that Beckett kept insisting that Castle couldn't solve the case without her, but I think that was ego and her competitive nature talking more than any lack of belief in Castle. 

Ryan was the one who had Castle's back as he pondered what would happen if Rick solved the case before they did in this Castle quote

Beckett: He is resourceful but he's not that resourceful.
Ryan: He got you to marry him, didn't he?

So very true. And Ryan earned the nickname "Baby Castle" the moment he brought up conspiracy theories. Turned out this time it was actually the case.  

There were lots of little moments here, like Kate holding up her ring when she told Castle that married people tell each other things. Or how their theorizing had become the temptation Kate could barely resist…

Castle: What happened to that rebellious girl with the leather jacket and the motorcycle? Would she say can't?
Beckett: She enforces the law now and drinks expensive wine.

But, theorizing is their version of foreplay, and Kate couldn't resist for long.  Eventually she used Castle for his information…and his creativity. The funniest moment was how hurt he was when he realized that she'd texted Ryan to pull files for her in the middle of their…theorizing. For Castle, it was like a form of cheating when she refused to tell him what they'd learned. Let's hope their middle of the night sharing session really isn't just a one time thing. 

In the end, the case was solved by Richard Castle, P.I. and a dog named Sparkles. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to get Rick back into the 12th, but it did get him some pretty cool gifts from his wife; a Sherlock hat and an old style magnifying glass. No wonder he loves her. 

Did you enjoy "Castle. P.I." and how many episodes would you like to see of this story arc before we get Castle back at the 12th? 

Don't miss a minute of the fun, watch Castle online right here at TV Fanatic. 

NOTECastle Season 7 Episode 12 will be titled "Private Eye Caramba!" and air on January 19.

Castle P.I. Review

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