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Did anyone believe that Rick Castle would take being banned from the 12th precinct lying down? Well, apparently he spent several weeks in his pajamas but now he's dressed and proudly showing his wife and friends his new private investigator's license. 

Our TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Andy from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to discuss who was angrier with Rick, how long they'd like to see "Castle P.I." continue and what was their favorite moment from Castle Season 7 Episode 11.  

Castle RT - depreciated -

Whose reaction did you enjoy the most to Castle becoming a P.I.? Whose did you enjoy the least?

Jim: I loved Ryan and Espo having total confidence in Rick's ability to discover things and get ahead of them at every turn. I didn't really dislike anyone's reaction, as Kate had a valid point of him doing it in secret was wrong. 

Stacy: This is tough. I loved everyone's reaction but I do feel for Beckett that Castle kept her in the dark all that time.

Robin: I was amused by Ryan's reaction to Castle's P.I. license. I was disappointed that Beckett so easily and quickly wrote off Castle's skills as a detective. It was basically "without us, he's nothing" and I didn't like that.

Andy:  I think I liked Beckett's reaction best. She was shocked, a little giddy and overwhelmed all rolled up into one. If I had to pick someone's that I enjoyed the least I'd have to pick Esposito's reaction. He didn't seem shocked just a little angry.

Christine:  I loved Ryan's reaction, especially when Beckett doubted Castle was resourceful enough to solve the case without them and Ryan pointed out, "He got your to marry him, didn't he?"  So true. I didn't really have a least enjoyable but I will say the Espo was quick to try and kick him out of their crime scene. 

Who was angrier at Castle's reappearance, Capt. Gates or Perlmutter?

Jim: Edge to Perlmutter as he did chase Rick around an autopsy table while yelling at him, where Gates just yelled at him... But her glare made it a close race. 

Stacy: I'm going with Perlmutter too. Captain Gates was definitely angry, but I imagine she wasn't all that surprised to see Castle in the precinct...and honestly, should he even be banned from the precinct? He's still married to Beckett and it's not like Jenny never drops by to visit her husband. Technically he should still be able to visit, but showing up in the morgue was definitely a no-no.

Robin: Perlmutter absolutely wins. I always believed that Perlmutter partly secretly liked Castle a little bit, but this definitely changed my mind - he chased Castle around the table!  

Andy:  I loved Perlmutter's reaction to Castle being back. Their scene in the morgue was hilarious.

Christine:  I thought Perlmutter might have had a coronary when he found Castle in his morgue. At least Gates has some respect (however well hidden) for Castle but Perlmutter really seems to despise having him around. 

How long would you like to see Castle as a P.I.?

Jim: I can't imagine he will always be able to guess the victims password, conveniently stumble upon a key player, or any of the other half-of-dozen lucky breaks he got last night, so I'm going to say 6(ish) episodes. Basically until the writers have gotten all the "Private Dick" jokes out of their system. 

Stacy:  I would like this arc to be over by the February two-parter, and it wouldn't surprise me if the two-parter is when he makes it back to the precinct. 

Robin: Not for long. I actually kind of hope this is resolved by the end of January. It's nice as a breather or something new, but it will get old quickly.

Andy:  I like Castle as a P.I. I think as long as the cases overlap with Beckett and the boys there could be some funny moments.

Christine:  3 episodes. Then I want him back at the precinct. But I agree with Stacy, either he'll be back during the February 2-parter or those episodes will be the catalyst for brining him back. We'll all just have to wait and see. 

Did anything about "Castle P.I." disappoint you?

Jim: I was surprised how hard Espo and Ryan were on Castle. I thought they were closer than that, but they certainly showed no regret in having to bar him from the investigation. 

Stacy: Nothing really disappointed me, but Castle should have told Beckett sooner about going for his P.I. license rather than blind-siding her at the crime scene.

Robin: I was disappointed by Beckett's dismissal of Castle's intellect and resourcefulness. Also, maybe it's just me, but I find their kissing scenes really awkward for whatever reason.  

Andy:  I really loved this episode. It really showcased the outstanding chemistry that Stana and Nathan have as well as the rest of the cast. It's one of my favorites so far this season.

Christine:  I agree, Andy. It was one of my favorites as well. Not much to disappoint. I even understood Rick hiding his "P.I." license until he got it (Kate probably would have tried to talk him out of it) and Kate determinedly trying to solve the case before Castle. They're all very competitive but in a fun way. 

What was your favorite scene in Castle Season 7 Episode 11?

Jim: Hands down the "sharing info" scene that started with them speaking at the same time and ended with the "God I've missed this" kiss. Kate and Rick make such a good team when they are in sync.  

Stacy: I'm with Jim. It's not even close. That scene was hilarious and so adorably Caskett. I also loved that they were trying to get each other drunk for information.

Robin: I'm going to agree with everyone else with the "theory building" scene.  Kate was so into it, she sounded WAY too happy about a murder theory. It was adorable.

Andy:  I loved the scene at the loft between Beckett and Castle. The whole wine glass fiasco was very entertaining.

Christine:  I'll try and be different. I loved when Castle realized Kate had texted Ryan in the middle of their "sharing" the night before. He looked so betrayed…and adorable. And honorable mention for Castle's new P.I. office. I absolutely loved the 1940's film noir vibe to that set. I hope we get to see it often. 

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