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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Felicity shakes the grief off of her shoulders, stands up straight and gathers Team Arrow together to save the city she loves. She realizes it's not Oliver's city, but it belongs to everyone who lives there and it's their duty to protect it.

Malcolm Merlyn tries to persuade Thea to leave the city, but she wants truth from him. If he's not willing to provide it then she's not going to budge. What will his reaction be?

Team Arrow aren't the only people interested in saving Starling. Does Ray Palmer have a stake in the future of the city? Will anybody be willing to lend him a hand?

If you're anxious about the fate of Oliver Queen, when you watch Arrow online, you'll know exactly where he stands and how long it will be before he makes his way back to the city and the woman he loves.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Your penicillin tea tastes like penicillin.


Roy: What the hell do you think you're doing out there?
Laurel: Same thing as you.
Roy: I've had training from Oliver and years on the streets. You have a law degree.