25 BEST Glee Performances EVER: Have You Stopped Believing?

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Glee's final season is in full swing. Some of us are more than ready to see it end and some of us just can't bear to let it go.

The various stories throughout the seasons have ranged from the mundane to the magical, and so has the Glee music.

Show tunes, current pop hits, tribute shows to musical legends--even the music of John Legend himself--all took their turns in the spotlight as Glee's characters learned about life and love.

To celebrate the show's songbook of over 500 musical numbers, we scoured the entire list to bring you the 25 best Glee performances EVER. Or at least from the first five seasons.
(Since Glee season 6 isn't over yet, it felt unfair somehow to count its musical numbers among a list of the best EVER since we haven't seen them all. Rest assured we'll update the gallery upon completion of Glee's final season.)

Remember those red t-shirts the New Directions wore as they performed "Don't Stop Believin'"? How could any true Glee fan ever forget!?

The look--and the song--would be a popular one for the group as the series progressed, being heard at least two more times throughout the show's run. Since it's not over quite yet, there's always a chance we could hear it again.

Take a look through the gallery above and then tell us: What song from Glee has been your all-time favorite?

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