The Vampire Diaries Round Table: A Hunting They Will Go?

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It was an unsuccessful trip back to 1994 in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9. Elena and Damon were thisclose to getting Bonnie, but had to be pulled back with Kai on the loose.

Join Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines from TV Fanatic - as well as Crissy Calhoun and Heather Vee, authors of of "Love You to Death" - as we break down this episode and prepare for the mid-season finale!

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What was your favorite scene or quote in The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9?

Miranda: As a Delena shipper, I have to give a nod to Damon's "we'll make new ones" when Elena apologized for compelling away her memories. (And let's not fail to mention the moment Elena added whipped cream fangs to the pancakes!) Top scene, though, goes to Tyler showing up right on time to rescue Liv.

Crissy: My favorite was Bonnie breaking down on the Gilbert house porch — totally gutting. 

Heather: I'm with Crissy. You could feel everything Bonnie has gone through in that moment, and not just her being stuck in 1994, but five seasons of pain and heartbreak. Having that hope of escape, of seeing Elena, and having it snatched away? And for it to happen on the Gilbert porch, which doesn't exist in the present? Such a fantastic and wrenching moment.

Leigh: Well...I was pretty frustrated with this episode as you could tell in my review, so I'll go with Elena and Damon dancing to Gin Blossoms in the 1994 Salvatore kitchen. Gotta love The Vampire Diaries music throwbacks this season!:

Why would Kai want to save Liv?

Miranda: I'm guessing he needs her NOT to merge with Luke and is probably afraid she'll somehow throw all of her power to her twin and kill herself so that Kai won't become the leader.

Crissy: Agree — it must have to do with him becoming the leader of the Geminis by somehow subverting the twin merger thing. Definitely not out of the goodness of his heart.

Heather: Agreed that Kai's intentions towards Liv are not benevolent. Liv has power and Kai wants that power.

Leigh: I think in Kai's twisted little head, he has worked out who he needs stuff from and who he can make nice with to get it. That someone involves "saving Liv." Not sure how yet...

How will Damon get Ric and Jo to forgive him?

Miranda: Jo can't be mad for Kai getting out as Damon had absolutely nothing to do with that. (Aside from Bonnie somehow ending up there and bringing Damon along. WTG, Grams!) I'm guessing a fruit basket isn't going to do the trick, though, so good luck, Damon. (Also? Not at all buying that Alaric isn't wearing a vervain bracelet or drinking it knowing all he knows about vampires, so I call BS on the whole thing.)

Crissy: My guess is Jo won't, and Alaric will...eventually, like he always does. Damon's old "be bad with purpose" ways usually work out for him in the end. But poor Alaric.

Heather: Let's be real - Damon doesn't need Jo and Ric to forgive him. Did Damon betray Ric's trust? Absolutely. But you can't fault Damon for getting important things done, without mercy, once in a while. Personally I love that Damon is taking charge in Mission: Rescue Bonnie.

Leigh: Damon is pretty good at getting Ric to forgive him. Maybe a gift of vervain to help keep him protected perhaps?!? As for Jo, she seems pretty reasonable and she just needs to hear how it was not actually Damon's fault at all, but Kai already had his ascendant.

Is this Sarah Salvatore story going anywhere?

Miranda: Well, THAT Sarah Salvatore story is going straight to an unmarked grave. The REAL Sarah Salvatore story will somehow have Enzo redeeming himself and earning some cred with someone. Somehow. I hope. (DO NOT KILL ENZO. I REPEAT, DO NOT KILL ENZO.)

Crissy: Seems like Damon will at some point find out, feel slightly less guilty for killing a pregnant lady and feel slightly peeved at Stefan for keeping a big old secret for ages. Not the most compelling storyline of all time, but I'm still digging it.

Heather: If that's the end of that story line, I'm going to be very confused as to why it exists in the first place. So I have to believe there's a twist and/or fall-out some time soon. If it was just meant to trigger a Matt and Enzo showdown? I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially since "Sarah" was around for all of two seconds and I could care less that she's dead.

Leigh: Enzo has gotten really boring now that he signed on for series regular, so I hope Miranda's theory comes true. Maybe he will give purpose to the Sarah story.

What's going to happen if Matt and Jeremy go all hunter?

Miranda: If we're lucky, Jeremy will rip his shirt off in front of the fire place again. Whether or not he'll once again be covered in a mystery tattoo map remains to be seen.

Crissy: I think Matt and Jer should have costumes. Like, tights and capes. And then have a big old wrestling fight with Enzo by the fire place. (That's when the shirts rip off.)

Heather: Matt and Jeremy need to understand that Enzo is off-limits. Period.

Leigh: Umm Jeremy's abs? Basically yeah...Is that an OK answer?

Make a prediction for The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10.

Miranda: Enzo will somehow find a way to endear himself to Caroline and she'll end up saving his life somehow. Come on, writers! It's Christmas! All I want is for Enzo to live!!

Crissy: I think Enzo will be just fine — he's pretty resilient. My mid-season finale prediction is....Bonnie somehow comes home, Caroline and Stefan have a Moment, and....some wacky thing I could never dream up happens living us on the edge of our seats til the new year....

Heather: I'm waiting for Kai to do something huge and horrifying.

Leigh: I predict a Parker family moment. Some hook ups, perhaps a Caroline and Stefan reunion? Also, I pray Bonnie comes home. I really do.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Elena: What was that?
Damon: Uh it's my audition tape for Real World London. Fingers crossed, I think I'm gonna make it!

Just keep your eyes peeled. There's a pork rind munching freak around here.


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