The Mentalist Round Table: Give Me Some Sugar, Baby

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Patrick Jane is back for his final season and best of all, he and Teresa Lisbon are an official couple in The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 1.

Below, TV Fanatics Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by The Mentalist fans Kate and @Nerwen_Aldarion from Twitter to debate Lisbon's decision to keep the relationship quiet, FBI Agent Michelle Vega joining the team and whether Marcus Pike was out of line when he spoke to Jane...

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Lisbon wants to hide her relationship with Jane from their colleagues. Do you agree?

Robin: I agree with her. The whole Pike thing went sour and everyone knew about it, and now she's dating another colleague who has a penchant for drawing attention to himself. So I don't blame her for wanting to keep her relationship with Jane on the down-low for now.

Kate:  Lisbon and Pike were pretty public in their relationship. Immediately resurfacing with Jane could be lead to all kinds of eyebrow raising and embarrassment for Lisbon. She'd rather avoid that for now. I understand her reluctance to share. Though their idea of how to keep things on the down low needs work.

@Nerwen_Aldarion: I see why she wants the relationship to be private, it does seem unseemly and no one likes to be the center of gossip. But she also needs to know that no matter what, being Jane's girlfriend will bring gossip.

Christine: I completely understood why she wanted to keep things quiet for a while but I also felt for Jane. There was a look on his face that made me hurt for him just a little bit when she said that.

What do you think of the new member of the team, Agent Michelle Vega?

Robin: I like her. She seems eager and bright, and she's already getting along with Jane so that's always a good sign. Excellent replacement for Fischer (who, by the way, I don't miss).

Kate:  I did like her. Michelle Vega seems well drawn and Josie Loren makes her likeable. As a rookie, I think she will be better accepted than poor Kim who was a pointless, second tier Lisbon for many fans.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  I like her but not enough to judge.

Christine:  A "second tier Lisbon" definitely describes Fischer and as much as I liked the actress, I'm glad she's moved on. I think Agent Vega as a rookie fits in and brings something different to the team which will be fun. Her few interactions with Jane have already been entertaining. 

Whose reaction do you most want to see when the news about Lisbon and Jane's relationship comes out?

Robin:  I would say Cho, but he doesn't react much to anything and it would probably be a letdown. So I'm gonna go with Wiley. 

Kate:  Well, Abbott has known all along, Cho has been a bit of a dolt about it, no one else at the FBI has much invested in it, so I would say Jane. I want to see his sweet, affirming, happy reaction. And Lisbon. Hers too.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  Wiley's! I'm hoping he catches them in a compromising position.

Christine:  Cho was so clueless last season that I really want to see his reaction, even if it is a standard, understated Cho one. I didn't expect that smile when Jane hugged him at the start of this episode so you never know what might happen.

Pike basically asked Jane what his intentions were with Lisbon? Did he have the right to ask and what did you think of Jane's answer?

Robin: Pike was out of line, and he was also misguided. Lisbon clearly values something else above "plans" or else she would have picked Pike and all he had to offer. Lisbon doesn't want or need to be provided for, and Pike still hasn't realized that. Jane's answer was spot on; he's treating them as equals in deciding where the relationship goes and what they want from it.

Kate:  Pike asking was fine. It would have been odd had he not. He almost married the woman, still cares about her presumably and was actually admirably restrained and understanding in the moment. Jane's answer was refreshing. It was respectful, honest and raw, a big step forward.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  I think Pike wanted to present his package but I think Jane's answer was okay. Pike did so much so fast it was overwhelming but Jane and Lisbon were only tougher two weeks, it's a little early to be planning a white picket fence.

Christine: Pike was a little out of line but it's understandable. He's ego has got to be bruised. That was the shortest engagement in history. But I loved Jane's answer and that he was honest with Lisbon. He didn't hide anything from her and admitted he doesn't have a plan, other than they'll figure it out together. That sounds perfect to me. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Robin: I'm torn. I really want to pick the scene where Jane sticks up for Lisbon at the bowling alley. However, there's something about the line, "Hey, Cho, gimme some sugar baby!" and Cho's hint of a smile at Jane's hug at the crime scene that will be forever immortalized in my brain.

Kate:  Cliché, but my favourite scene was the first one at Lisbon's house, including Jane soaking in the sun on arrival. It was a small domestic moment with so much in it. I loved that their discussion was direct, mature and not gushy; it felt real. They are feeling their way but they are happy. I want them to be happy. Honorable mention: the Pike/Jane scene.

@Nerwen_Aldarion:  The final scene, I loved how Lisbon basically told Jane all she needs is him and I really love that he was so honest with her and wasn't hiding his flaws.

Christine:  There were so many! I'm about to break my own rule about only picking one.  It was everything from Jane meeting her in the morning to his happiness at the crime scene that spilled over into a hug with Cho. Then Jane sticking up for Lisbon at the bowling alley and even better, the way he was completely honest with Lisbon about what Pike had said. No more lying. That bodes well for their future.

If you missed a minute, you can watch The Mentalist online here at TV Fanatic. 

Here is a look, meanwhile, at The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 2:

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