The Librarians Season 1 Episode 4 Review: And Santa's Midnight Run

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Santa is real!

Yet again, The Librarians offers up another fun-filled episode with The Librarians Season 1 Episode 4.

What could be better than an episode about Santa Claus being real? The way the myth of Santa Claus is presented is wonderful. First of all, Santa isn't a fat guy with a white beard and a red suit. Instead, he wears a business suit and magical burgundy hat, and can generally blend in with a crowd.

Saving Santa - The Librarians

The myth is also about much more than Santa delivering presents to children for Christmas. The focus on the magic and wonder of the myth, as well as the many ways the legend of Santa Claus has evolved. The wonder of Santa has less to do with materialism and more to do with spreading good will throughout the world – much more like classic fables than what we are accustomed to today.

Santa is also a quirky guy, just like the rest of this amazing cast. He's bubbly, outspoken, and  – oh yeah – he refers to himself in the third person (which is equally annoying and endearing).

Somebody jacked Santa's ride.

We also learn a little more about Eve, though at this point, it's really time for more character development across the board. Eve isn't into Christmas and, based on what we've seen of her character so far, that isn't exactly surprising. But rather than learning details of her childhood or past relationships, we merely learn she was born on Christmas Eve.

The show remains lighthearted and whimsical, but more back-story for the characters would make it even more interesting to watch. True, we get bits and pieces, but I'm dying to know more about this new band of heroes.

What we do know, though, is how their personalities differ. "And Santa's Midnight Run" does a great job of making its characters loveable. Cassandra loves everything about Christmas, though, sadly, her parents told her Santa wasn't real when she was only three years old. So of course she squeals in delight when she learns not only is Santa Claus real, but he knows her name.

Ezekiel has been in the background for me so far this series, so his delight at spreading Christmas cheer while he wears Santa's magical hat are some of my favorite moments. He is absolutely delightful.

Jacob has to be my favorite character overall, though. He has great comic timing and some fantastic lines. He can also switch from tough, bar brawling guy to sensitive genius at the drop of a dime.

Architecture is just art we live in. Why doesn't anybody get that?


And yes, even with the whimsy, there's a bit of emotion at the end. Watching Eve as she is transported magically throughout the world, saving lives and offering encouragement, is enough to make anyone tear up at least a little. Hey, it's that time of year, isn't it?

What did you think of the Santa-themed hour, The Librarians Fanatics? What are your thoughts on the series so far? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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And Santa's Midnight Run Review

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The Librarians Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Christmas is cancelled.


Cassandra: Mrs. Clause is real?!
Jenkins: Oh, shiny balls, yes!