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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 9, the blur Barry saw the night his mother was killed is in Central City. 

Barry wants to catch the yellow blur more than anything, but he's just not fast enough. Will help from his friends at STAR Labs do the trick?

When Barry shares the news with his father, Henry gives Barry advice allowing him to make what could be a life altering admission. Want will Barry once the secret is out?

It's Christmas and gifts are being exchanged. Barry's very sentimental gift to Iris is outdone by Eddie, and it means more changes are in store for the superhero.

Caitlin discovers another metahuman -- her former fiancé Ronnie. He's in bad shape, making her question everything she's dreamed about for the last year. 

How will friends rally around at Christmas when they're most in need? What secrets are revealed? You may never know unless you watch The Flash online now!

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Caitlin: Ronnie's alive. I saw him Cisco. I think he was following me...
Cisco: Caitlin, Ronnie died. He was vaporized in the accelerator when it went critical.
Caitlin: Ronnie's alive and he's out there, alone and scared and I need your help to find him.

Alright, the only red-suited guy I want in this house right now is Kris Kringle. You got it?