The Best of 2014: 13 Battles That Blew Our Minds!

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We're continuing our journey through the best of 2014 and taking a look at fight scenes. Whether physical or verbal or a little both, they make for amazing viewing.

Lucky for you, the TV Fanatics have picked some of their favorites. May and Ward took to the mat on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Annalise and Sam played dirty on How to Get Away with Murder and Jess and Cece rumbled on New Girl. 

Oliver Queen has the distinct honor of being both the victor and the defeated on Arrow, a series we're determined get some recognition for it's well-choreographed clashes. Girl fights are of particular interest, and we're showcasing three. 

Flip through the slideshow to discover who else turned up the heat and weigh in on your favorite in our poll and/or in the comments.

What was the best fight scene of 2014?

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