The 100 Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Long Into an Abyss

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The arrival of the original 100 on the ground disrupted the natural habitat established over a century after the nuclear devastation on Earth. Whereas, the Grounders saw the Sky People as invaders who threatened their survival, the Mountain Men saw the new arrivals as a possible life line.

The survival of each of these groups of people will depend upon their leaders, the code of honor they live by and the willingness to adjust to this new reality for better and worse. For the first time, a true opportunity for peace presented itself and seemed within reach on The 100 Season 2 Episode 7.

Despite the stubbornness or perhaps simply the resolve of the leaders, it was the pure love between Octavia and Lincoln that paved the way to end to threat of war between the Arkers and the Grounders. Octavia wouldn't give up on Lincoln no matter how bad it got.

Kudos to both Ricky Whittle and Marie Avgeropoulos. Whittle put everything he had into portraying Reaper Lincoln and Avgeropoulos' emotional portrayal of heartbreak and determination was palpable. Lincoln's rage was frightening and he was a danger to her and the other. No matter what happened, she never gave up.

When Octavia knocked out Lincoln after he attacked Clarke and Bellamy, the blow was filled with love and continued hope rather than resignation and fear. The determination to save Lincoln consumed the room and with good reason. Lincoln was their only hope.

Since his introduction in The 100 Season 1, Lincoln has provided a bridge between the two groups of people. It's been through his knowledge and experience that the Arkers have as much information about the Grounders as they do. It only makes sense that the truth about the Reapers and Mountain Men would be revealed through him as well.

The biggest threat to the Arkers right now is the potential internal power struggle. The face-off between Abby and Jaha was brutal to witness. As a viewer, I was torn because what appeared to be the right answer was obviously not the best course of action. Who should lead their people?

Abby was never elected and wasn't even on the Council when Kane appointed her Chancellor. What legitimacy does she really have to lead the people now that the elected Chancellor has returned? It doesn't seem right that she continues to hold the position. Yet as viewers, we have more information than they do and Abby's decision was what was best for their people over Jaha's plan to run.

In reality, it's Clarke who's the true leader. She's the one who figured out a potential path to peace, she negotiated with Lexa and never wavered, and she proved herself through her bond with Anya and fulfilling the promise she made. The interactions between Clarke and Lexa were my favorite of the hour.

They were equals in a way that can't be duplicated by another. After Lincoln's life was saved, the quick acknowledgement between them was priceless. We'll have to see if that respect holds up now that Lexa has demanded that Finn be turned over. She's put pressure on the Arker leadership to give up one of their own for the greater good of all people. Will the Arkers protect one of their own at the expense of the whole? That will be an intriguing to debate to see.

Finn is a murderer who killed 18 innocent Grounders. He may have been pardoned by his people, but that doesn't absolve him of the guilt that he feels or resolve the Grounders' quest for justice. On the Ark, Finn would have been floated without a doubt, so the Grounders demand for Finn's death fits within their justice system as well.

Will they sacrifice Finn? I doubt it. Will he sacrifice himself? Likely. Despite his actions, Finn has a good heart, clearly struggles with what he did and wouldn't want to see others die because of his actions. Besides, the focus should be on saving their friends at Mount Weather and the truce is necessary in order for resources to be allocated to a rescue.

Time is crucial for the survival of the 47 (Is it 46 now?). I continue to be intrigued by Dante and his code of honor and determination to be remembered by history in the best light. This is a man who approved the use of the Grounders as livestock, yet doesn't want to harm the Arkers.

Is he a good man? I don't know. If The 100 has proven anything, it's that there is a whole lot of gray when the survival of a people is at risk. For Dante, it seems the line is drawn at using the kids to save his people. Though, it could also be that he's looking at the bigger picture, while Cage and Dr. Tsing are looking at an immediate answer.

If the 47 are used to save the current Mount Weather residents, then they can't be integrated into the population and added to the gene pool for a natural solution to the problem. Their bone marrow may be a quicker solution, but would it be a permanent one?

Harper's sacrifice will open the door to a new horizon and dynamic between the three societies. While it looks like the Grounders are going to align with the Arkers against the Mountain Men, what happens if the lives of 47 Arkers could permanently end the Mountain Men's need for the Grounders? That's a powerful play which could shake everything up.

The 100 continues to surprise and amaze me week to week. At this point, anything is possible. While I don't want to see Finn die at the hands of the Grounders, it's likely he will pay for what he did in some way.

Should Finn be turned over to the Grounders? Is the sacrifice of one for the greater good the correct answer? Is the sacrifice of the 47 for the lives of hundreds of Mountain Men acceptable? It's a frightening game to play. What lives are worth saving?

Make sure to tune in next week for the mid-season finale. Will Finn live or die? In the meantime, watch The 100 online to relive all the intensity again.

Long Into an Abyss Review

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