The 100 Q&A: Ricky Whittle on Lincoln's Traumatic Journey, Possible Alliances Ahead

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Lincoln just can't catch a break.

He's been tortured by the 100, fell in love and nearly lost her and then was kidnapped by the Reapers and turned into one himself by the Mountain Men. And, that likely only touches the surface of the pain he's endured throughout his life given the scars on his body.

After seeing that heartbreaking scene in the parking garage between Lincoln, Octavia and Bellamy, we talked with Ricky Whittle about Lincoln's transition to a Reaper, how much of the Lincoln we've grown to love is still in there, how Octavia and Bellamy are able to move Lincoln, and what's next for him, the Grounders and the Mountain Men.

Read on for Whittle's insightful words about Lincoln's drug addiction and the traumatic events that are awaiting him on The 100 Season 2 Episode 7 and beyond.

A Dangerous Secret - The 100

On The 100 Season 2 Episode 6, we saw Lincoln in the parking garage. What direction were you given regarding Lincoln's state of mind. How much of the Lincoln that we've known was still in there and how much was Reaper?

When Jason [Rothenberg] told me the storyline at San Diego Comic-Con earlier in the year, I went and researched. I watched films and documentaries of different actors portraying different drug addicts. And I watched some really traumatic stuff to get me to a certain place and to give me an understanding. I wanted to come at it in a certain way, so the director kinda wanted it a different way. We had to come to a sort of compromise. Now, obviously you have artistic license to throw things a little bit greater and a bit darker. It's pretty much up there. 

Lincoln's definitely there, but the hunger of the drugs has created a rage that's circulating and taken over him. He has this rage and this hunger that kinda clouds his mind and that's all he can think of which the research shows is very real. We read many stories and heard many stories about the unfortunate situations of people on bath salts and drugs like that where cannibalism is real. It's a scary, scary situation. It's less fiction than we think. It's very real occurrence and a very real situation.

I'm sure these people don't -- they're there, but that's not something they would normally do, when you start eating people's faces. With Lincoln, it's exactly the same. He's there and hopefully he can be saved for the sake of himself and Octavia. For now, he's kinda a cloud of rage and hunger. It's about whether or not they can bring him back to any sort of resemblance of his old self.

Will we see how Bellamy and Octavia are able to move Lincoln from the garage to the drop ship?

[Laughs] That is Lincoln's whole story this season. A lot of it's been off-screen and unfortunately a lot of scenes have been cut for time. It's not necessarily performances or that they didn't want to put these things in. Quite often these episodes could be two hours long. We shoot so much and there's so much storyline packed into our show which is the reason our show's so great. It's so fast paced.

Unfortunately, we did have a scene where Bellamy and Octavia sort of strap Lincoln to a makeshift stretcher and took him out of the car park. Unfortunately, we weren't able to show that. Maybe it sneaks into the next episode or they just kind of find them. That was actually in there. It's not a magical thing like they just appear somewhere. It was thought out and we shot it, but due to timing and circumstances, we weren't able to show that.

What kind of state of mind is Lincoln in when he's face-to-face with Octavia and has time to recognize that it's her in front of him. Will he recognize her?

This is gonna be the thing. This is what's going to be so traumatic about this episode. Jason's said this as well. This is my favorite episode of the season. Last season it was Episode 7 as well. Episode 7 seems to be Lincoln's episode. The world as we knew it on The 100 changed in Episode 7, we realized the Grounders could speak and that they could understand English, and that Lincoln was actually a good guy. It really was a change in dynamics on the show.

And, this episode is going to be the same. There's going to be a lot of information given out and then there's a lot of action, drama, sadness and everything. It's the drug that's changing Lincoln. The Red drug, that's been forced upon him by Cage, that's filling him with rage and this hunger for the drug. That's how they're controlling these Reapers. They have this hunger for this Red drug and that's how they control them. Lincoln's now gonna be going without this drug for however long it's going to be. So, now we're going to see the withdrawals, which are sometimes more painful than the drug itself.

Lincoln's due for quite a traumatic episode filled with pain, anguish, suffering. He's a tortured soul. He was in the first season and through the physical things he was tortured and this is more of mental thing. This pain is coming from inside. The first season was external. People were inflicting pain upon him. This time, the pain is coming from inside and basically how strong is Lincoln? Can he fight? Is he strong enough to fight his way out and get past this internal pain he's going through. Can Octavia reach him? Can she get inside his soul and pull Lincoln out? It's going to be very traumatic and I think we can guarantee tears in this episode. It's going to be a big one.

We know that the Grounders have been afraid of both the Reapers and the Mountain Men. Did Lincoln or the Grounders know about the symbiotic relationship between the Mountain Men and the Reapers? Or does Lincoln's experience provide that insight for them going forward?

This is what we're trying to do. With Lincoln, he's very much an explanatory character. He kinda always has been because he's the only one we can learn from. He knows the world. The 100 have been on the Earth for however many weeks it's been. `Through Lincoln, we were able to learn the Grounders speak English and through more Grounders, we're able to learn various different things and information.

This time, Lincoln is being used to explain that dynamic between the Mountain Men and the Reapers and the fact that the Reapers are being created by the Mountain Men. They weren't actually a race or tribe of their own, which is what we thought in Season 1. They are actually being created by these Mountain Men and through Lincoln, he's going to education the Grounders and the Arkers. That's how we're going to move forward. Things will definitely change and dynamics will definitely change. There's a lot of information in these episodes for both the viewers and the characters moving forward.

Anything else you want to tease about what's coming up?

The dynamics have changed. We're learning a lot about the Mountain Men and the Reapers. What happens to Lincoln is gonna kind of bring people together and they can kind of work together towards a greater evil. I think it was Finn who said in Season 1, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." So, moving forward, hopefully through Lincoln's pain, we can create an alliance.

The 100 Season 2 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW and you can watch The 100 online anytime! 

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