Stalker Season 1 Episode 10 Review: A Cry for Help

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I must admit, Stalker Season 1 Episode 10 was the shows best episode to date.

Every week, I keep expecting to get a case that's been done many times before. Thankfully, through 10 installments, It doesn't look like there is any sign of fatigue.

Let's speak about the closing moments first. Perry and Beth finally coming face to face again was everything I had hoped for. The guy is a douche, that's for sure. He really knows how to twist the knife with his words.

I kept expecting Beth to pepper spray him, bundle him into her car and get her own back. There was such raw emotion from Maggie Q. I wanted to punch Perry for her. I loved when she told him there won't always be people watching. He had better be locking his doors; Beth's going to be out for revenge.

Speaking of revenge, the case this week was ripe with it. Sophia and Henry's attacks appearing unconnected, yet carried out by the same person was a good development. I kept trying to figure out how they were connected. I never expected it to go as far back as school!

The attacks were gruesome. I would have never expected to see someone being nailed to a bed with a nail gun on network TV. Early on it seemed as if Corey's fighting wasn't plausible, but the conversation with her mother in which she revealed her daughter was a big fan of martial arts was convincing.

Scott was one disgusting creature. It was horrifying to learn he couldn't be charged with anything. It looked like he was just going to get off with the vile deed he did 16 years earlier. it turned out Corey went to the police, but they told her she'd be wasting her time and that's when she decided to exact her revenge. If only she managed to castrate him.

Considering what Beth was going through, she wouldn't want Scott to get away with what he had done. She looked into rape cases and matched his DNA to one involving a young girl. Seeing Corey's reaction to Beth owning him was one of the most satisfying moments of the episode. Corey didn't seem upset about the consequences she faced after her actions. The woman was just driven by revenge; it was the main driving force in her life. Her life was ruined the night it all happened.

As for Tracy, the reveal that Brody is really Perry shocked her to the core. She blamed it on herself. Would she have believed it if Beth had not had his file? It wouldn't be surprising if she trusted nobody going forward except Beth and closed herself off. She was crushed.

You think he sought me out to get closer to you?


Beth asked a lot of her by asking her to carry on as normal. Anyone would find it hard acting like they were into someone they knew was a villainous creep. I think he is going to find a way to kill Tracy to send a message to Beth.

Everyone in the office knew something was wrong with Beth. It was touching how they all noticed. Heck, even Ben noticed. Beth comes across as such a hard ass, but everyone sees only the faux character Michelle made up in order to stay safe. I had a tear in my eye when she was finally ready to tell Janice the truth. What Janice will do with the information? Will she cry for help? Time will tell.

Jack: Who’s that?
Janice: I dunno, a friend?
Jack: Beth has a friend?

"A Cry For Help" was another stellar outing for the show. It had a lot of creepy moments and was chock full of twists and turns. I'm hoping the mid-season finale next week is a Perry centric episode.

Other bits from the episode:

  • Nora shouting at Janice and Jack made me jump. Her loud voice was unexpected.
  • The actress who played Sophia looked a little too young for the role as opposed to other actors who played the grown up school kids.
  • Corey with the blond hair looked like the Black Canary from Arrow!
  • Did anyone else scream "NIKITA" when Beth started fighting with Corey?

What did you think of the episode? What is Beth's next move? Do you think Tracy will die? What did you think of the case? Sound off below!

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A Cry for Help Review

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You think he sought me out to get closer to you?


Janice: Everything ok?
Beth: Yeah, why?
Janice: You're late
Beth: So.
Janice: You're never late.
Beth: I’m fine, thanks janice.