Neil Patrick Harris on American Horror Story: First Freak Show Look!

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Neil Patrick Harris is coming to American Horror Story: Freak Show when the FX hit returns in January, and we've got your first haunting look at his appearance.

Let's just say it's about as creepy as you think ... and then some:

Wednesday night's American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 10 marked the midseason finale, and this should only make fans more excited for its return.

Harris, who's wanted to be on the show for some time, signed on this fall as a "salesman," a role shrouded in mystery until the release of this trailer.

It looks like Neil is going to fit right in on a season full of freaks.

He'll be portraying Chester, the new owner of Elsa's (Jessica Lange) show, and possibly Bette and Dot's (Sarah Paulson) new love interest to boot.

Chester claims his creepy ventriloquist dummy "relaxes him," while AHS veteran Jamie Brewer also shows up and seems to look a lot like his beloved puppet.

Make of that potentially creepy character wrinkle what you will.

Also, Chester when tries to put on a show for the carnies, it looks like he saws someone in half, and not necessarily in the ol' fun, magic trick sense.

Do we have another sociopathic murderer on the loose?

We'll find out starting January 7, when Harris will star on Episodes 11 and 12. Meanwhile, his actor husband David Burtka will guest star on the Season 4 finale.

Between now and then, you can catch up on the first half of the season (and past seasons) when you watch American Horror Story online at TV Fanatic.

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