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Rick Castle is a huge fan of '80s action movies so when Lance DeLorca, aging '80s action movie icon is found murdered in Castle Season 7 Episode 9, Castle, Beckett and the team at the 12th are on the case. 

Castle knows all about Lance's background as Spanish Special Forces, what he didn't know that it was all a lie. Lance borrowed the story from a friend. Castle is crushed when he finds out his childhood idol was really a goat herder before he came to the United States. 

But Lance was trying to play hero. When he got the results of a bone marrow donation for his leukemia treatment he realized that his best friend's adult son Trey was actually his. In the end, uncovering that truth and planning to expose it are what led to his death as Trey's mother had no intention of letting her son's true paternity be revealed.

In the process of uncovering the killer, Castle is thrilled to get to go on a mission with some of his famous action heroes. 

On the personal side, Kate Beckett packs up her apartment as she plans to have her cousin Sophia move in now that she's officially living at the loft. She spends an evening sharing with Lanie how she feels a bit sad leaving the place where she rebuilt her life and fell in love.

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Castle Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Ryan: That strains credibility.
Esposito: Yeah, in a good way.

Castle: I was raised by a single mother. Hard Kill was how I got my bro time.
Ryan: That explains so much.