The Walking Dead Round Table: Who Will Die?

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With a mid-season finale of The Walking Dead season 5 on the horizon, the probability that someone we love will die is climbing. Who will it be? 

We're chatting about that and more on the latest The Walking Dead Round Table! Join Walker Stalker Eric Nordhoff, Carissa Pavlica, Whitney Evans, Sean McKenna, and Miranda Wicker as they break down "Coda."

The Walking Dead RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7?

Eric: There were several favorite scenes. But in general, the theme was about “Crossed” and Double Crossed.  Obviously Father Gabriel sees the cross on the zombie lady and decides not to hit her with the rock.  Rick is crossed by Daryl and Tyreece - who disagree with him about the way things need to be handled.  Father Gabriel is double crossing the group and trying to escape.  Beth is maybe double crossed by Edwards on the Epinephrine.  Abraham is coming to a cross-roads on his decision to stay or give up. There are lots of cross-themes in this one worth noting!

Carissa: GREATM. "I'm thinkin' about getting it tattooed on my knuckles."  

Whitney: I have to agree with Carissa here. GREATM was really funny and I'm actually surprised by how much I'm enjoying Tara this season. 

Sean: I really liked Daryl using the walker head during his intense fight. I felt like Daryl was overall safe, but the way the scene was cut intermixed with the just missed gnashing teeth, it was an amped up scene. Plus, his follow-up to convincing Rick not to kill the guy who just tried to kill him was a nice bonus. Not everyone has lost their humanity.

Miranda: Sean, I loved the walker head as weapon, too. They're constantly looking for new ways to use and showcase the dead, so that, coupled with the walkers melted to the street was great. But my favorite scene goes to the tiny little moment when Beth grabbed Carol's hand just to tell her she was there. There's a lot of foreboding in that.

Where is Father Gabriel going?

Eric: I have no idea, but I’m going to guess he is going to get help from the people who have kept him alive all this time.  He obviously couldn’t have done it on his own.  He has some sort of back-up that supports him all this time. 

Carissa: The obvious choice would be back to Beacon Hills. I mean, Deaton can't stay in Eichen House forever. Oh, wait. That's Teen Wolf. Honestly, if the dude is in a nuthouse dreaming of the Apocalypse, he's doing a bang up job. Here? I agree with Eric. How did the dude manage to stay alive all this time? He must have people.

Whitney: I'm thinking he must have another safe house somewhere. Maybe a neighboring church? I never thought about him having another network of people out there but it would make sense. 

Sean: Can I say that I don’t care where he is going? Maybe he’s got friends somewhere else, but I’d be perfectly fine never knowing and never seeing him again. Although, I doubt that will actually happen.

Miranda: I don't care where he's going, but I do care that he left a hole in the floor of the church for walkers to get in, if walkers can crawl and climb. (We've seen them figure it out and not figure it out, so, you know, whatever works for the story at the time.) 

Should the group have gone with Rick's plan?

Eric: Yes, they should have. It’s turning out that Rick was right. None of these people can be trusted. If they had gone with his plan, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. 

Carissa: Shouldn't they always go with Rick's plan? Even the guy who pretended to be nice was a dick. They should have all been shot in the head.

Whitney: 100% they should have gone with Rick's plan. I get that Tyreese is all no bloodshed now, but that negotiation plan wasn't going to work. Rick's plan was pretty logical and like Noah said, the wards would have helped them.

Sean: You have to go with Rick’s plan. I mean, I know they want to hold out hope for everyone, but the world is changed. And now Sasha is knocked out and the “good” guy ran away.

Miranda: I appreciate that they're all trying to hang on to their humanity here, but at some point they'll learn that sometimes, in this environment, it's kill or be killed. 

Will Abraham's group press forward or turn back?

Eric: I think they are going to turn back.  They will meet up to pick up Carl, Michonne and Judith.  And, they will head to Atlanta to meet up with Rick’s group.

Carissa:  I don't see any reason for them to press forward other than to keep the groups separated. That's hardly a viable reason.

Whitney: They need to turn back around and get back to the group. What is the point in pressing on? 

Sean: I was always excited at the prospect of leaving Georgia, turning the page and giving a new mission for the group. Abraham came along and gave that potential. But with the Eugene reveal, I agree that going forward seems pointless. They’ll push back towards Rick, though I’m not sure if in time for Rick and Dawn’s showdown.

Miranda: Glenn's question to Rosita of whether or not she was in no matter what made it seem like they'll turn back to join up with Rick again, but something tells me that was a red herring and for god only knows what reason, they're going to try to go through that zombie horde. Or that horde is going to come for them. 

Predict who will die on next week's winter finale?

Eric: Many people think it will be Beth. The term “Coda” is used to describe the episode. Of course, Coda is a musical term describing the finale of a piece of music. It would be heartwarming to see Beth realize a greater purpose for her life and sacrifice it to save Carol, Daryl and the group. I’m hoping for a “Not Penny’s Boat” moment - as I discussed on this week’s Instant Reaction episode of The Walker Stalkers.

Carissa: Wow - that's a good theory, Eric. I've thought Beth was going to die anyway, but that actually makes sense and now I don't want her to die without being reunited with Daryl one more time. They should go by way of Z Nation and kill off Judith. it's so hard to keep that little one safe. Zombie babies unite!

Whitney: Seeing how much focus was on Sasha, I was worried she would bite the dust this week but I'm thinking it might be Beth. If someone has to die, I hope they go down in a blaze of glory. 

Sean: It feels like either Beth or Carol. But with that whole episode on Beth, Dawn’s comments about Beth actually being strong, I can only assume Beth will try and make some sacrifice for her group. And that’s going to break Daryl. Either way, someone seems pretty guaranteed dead because after all, it is midseason finale time.

Miranda: It feels like it will be Beth or Carol, but I think it'll be someone we're not expecting. My money's on Glenn or Abraham. HOWEVER, the classic misdirection, where the episodes have been built up so that one of our favorites dies, might mean that it's a non-essential character like Gabriel. I'd be okay with that.

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And here's your first look at The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8, "Coda."

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