The Flash vs. Arrow Picture Preview: Crossover Alert!!!

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Why is Barry Allen about to get an Arrow in the back?

What is going on between these two superheroes??!?

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 8, Team Arrow heads to Central City to investigate a deadly boomerang. Can you say excited? Because that's what Barry is when he has an opportunity to work with his friend again.

While Felicity and Diggle head to STAR Labs to do some business, Barry wonders if Oliver might like to help his team track Ray Bivolo, a metahuman whose ability is to cause people to lose control of their emotions. That makes it really easy for him to rob banks.

Oliver breaks Barry's heart when he suggests Barry still has a lot to learn about being a superhero. To prove him wrong, Barry goes after Bivolo himself – and winds up infected by Bivolo, sending him on a rampage that only The Arrow can stop.

Can we say embarrassing!? Poor Barry. What else is up in the air? Oh, just about everything!

Iris is freaked out when her boyfriend Eddie decides to create a task force to stop The Flash (jealous much?) and Joe and Harrison decide Oliver is a bad influence on Barry.

Will this be the end of the friendship between Teams Flash and Arrow? Tune in on Dec 2 to find out.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Barry: I think maybe they got... whammied.
Joe: Did you just say whammy?

I believe in what I can see, what I can touch, what I can feel; which means I believe in you.