The Flash Season 1 Episode 7 Pictures: Taken Hostage

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Tick tock...

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 7, and old friend from Arrow pays a  visit to Central City and then pulls a job The Huntress already did in Starling City. Our worlds are colliding!

William Tochman hits town and manages to take the precinct hostage. Hostage taking is a big thing on CW shows, and the legal system is always somehow involved. Iris is certain The Flash (who is born in the previous week) will come save them, but Eddie has a few moves of his own.

While they're busy with The Clock King, Barry is playing host to Farooq AKA Blackout, a meta who can suck the electricity out of all things, including Barry.

When Blackout goes to STAR Labs to take issue with Harrison Wells for causing his condition, Barry is unable to help since his powers have been siphoned by the fellow. Will the trio of geniuses save the day?

You'll need to watch to see how it all plays out! We'll have a review for you after the installment.

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