The 100 Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Many Happy Returns

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It's a dangerous place on the ground. The Arkers a.k.a. the Sky People have landed in a foreign land they don't understand at all.

It's not clear how much the indigenous people know about the world around them either. Anya wanted to bring Clarke back to her Commander because of the massacre of her people, but also to update him about the Mountain Men. I'm eager to find out more about each of the various factions and how they are or are not interrelated. 

On The 100 Season 2 Episode 4, we were introduced to a new environment and people through Jaha's eyes. He landed in the desert and was saved by a young boy, Zoran. The boy's parents were not happy to see Jaha, but they also didn't kick him out. At first, they seemed reserved though at least cordial to him. The mother, Sienna, fed Jaha and talked to him about their life.

Jaha landed in the Dead Zone on the way to the City of Light. I don't have any idea where that would be on our current map. It would seem that he's not near his people, since there's no desert near Washington D.C., but this is 97 years after radiation contaminated the land. It's certainly possible that a desert environment formed anywhere.

There was a sharp constrast between Sienna's actions with her son and those of Jaha. Instead of leaving her son to be reclaimed by nature due to his disfigured face, she and her husband left their village to protect him. While they took their own needs and wants into consideration over those of the community, Jaha did the opposite when he sent Wells to Earth and he's been trying to make up for it ever since.

The connection between Jaha and Zoran was touching to see and showed their is hope for the different people to get along together. Of course, that hope was crushed when the "bad men" came to take Jaha away. I'm glad that Jaha stayed to protect the family even though it ended up costing what little freedom he had. He'll have the memory that he connected with the young boy if only for a few hours and left a piece of himself and Wells there in the chess piece.

Jaha went from dying, to landing on Earth and dying, to eating bugs and bonding with young boys, to an unknown future. The "bad man" hit him, so the new journey he's on didn't start in a pleasant manner. Who are these people and why do they want the Sky People? If they are connected with the Mountain Men, it could at least provide a means for Jaha to get back with his people. If not, it's a whole new adventure for us to see play out. 

While Jaha had a few moments of joy and happiness, the same can't be said about Bellamy and Finn's search team or about Anya and Clarke. The Finn we are seeing is nothing like the person we first met. He's fierce, determined and filled with rage. It's odd to think he was the sweet and pacifist of the group only a few weeks before.

While this Finn is much more riveting to watch, it's also sad to see that he's in a place where he was willing to let one of their own die on a ridge in the hopes of finding Clarke and the others. Yes, the Grounder said they may outlast their usefulness, but to leave someone to die? Ouch.

The sequence of events to save Mel provided insight into each of the characters.  Murphy proved he could be relied upon enough that Bellamy gave him a rifle to take with to protect him and Finn. Murphy's gone from the most hated to someone I could see finding a path to redemption.

The reunion between Bellamy and Octavia was a pleasant surprise. I expected she'd stick around with the Grounders after they spared her life, though I'm glad to see she's back with her brother. It was the first of many reunions to come soon. Did you notice Octavia's hair? The Grounder influence runs deep in her now. And, she's not the only one.

The interactions between Anya and Clarke will definitely influence Clarke's actions going forward. Anya could still be alive, but I doubt it. That momentary hope that they could work together to bring a peace between their people was strong. If an accord is ever reached, I hope that Anya is memorialized in some way. 

Kane went out to attempt to broker a peace and Clarke has the carrot to give the Grounders to make it beneficial to them. The Arkers have the technology, Clarke knows Mount Weather and more importantly she knows what the Mountain Men are doing with the captured Grounders. Together, they should be able to save them all. 

Next week, Clarke should be reunited with her mother, Raven, Bellamy and Octavia at Camp Jaha. With Finn and Murphy left out in the wilderness searching, I hope they make it back as well. Raven could use the support of her friends. Wick started opening her up to facing her limitations and pushing through them. The others would provide additional motivation for her. 

The 100 Season 2 has moved at a brisk pace which keeps it interesting, while providing substantial character growth and deepening the world they all live in. The establishment of Camp Jaha provides a secure environment that's necessary for the Arkers' survival. I missed Abby this week and would have liked to have seen how she transitioned to Chancellor; instead Major Byrne showed up and shot down the beacon balloon.

Just for that, I want an epic blowout between Abby and Byrne -- with the new Chancellor winning of course. Not anything as physical as the phenomenal fight between Clarke and Anya, but a good war of words would be awesome. With Kane gone, Abby's going to be facing some difficult challenges and Clarke's return will only be one part of them.

What was your favorite part? Is Jaha in more trouble now? Or, could he end up somewhere better for him than a tent in the desert eating bugs? Was the reunion between Octavia and Bellamy as you expected? Who is more likely to get in trouble now: Finn or Murphy? 

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Many Happy Returns Review

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The 100 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Murphy: Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches.
Bellamy: Shut up, Murphy.

Clarke: We don't have to be enemies.
Anya: And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need.