The 100 Round Table: Is Chancellor Kane an Able Leader?

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Danger surrounds all of the Arkers on The 100 Season 2 Episode 2. They may be facing different threats, but they are all struggling with their environment and battling the either the Grounders or Mountain Men. 

Welcome to our inaugural The 100 Round Table.

Join TV Fanatics Carissa Pavlica, Paul Dailly, Carla Day and KSiteTV's Craig Byrne as we discuss the separated storylines, Chancellor Kane's rule, Jaha's visions and journey, the Mountain Men's secret, Octavia's quest to get Lincoln back and more!

The 100 RT - depreciated -

With the survivors of the Original 100 separated, which of the storylines has you most intrigued and why?

Paul: Mount Weather. I think everyone knew there was something not quite right. The way they live this perfect lifestyle obviously meant they had to make some sacrifices. I don't know what Clarke's next move is, if she informs Jasper and the other survivors, they probably won't believe her.

Carissa: Honestly, I'm torn. I find everything that's happening on Mount Weather interesting, but I have some questions there. They've managed to stay alive for a very, very long time without ever leaving the underground. I'll get to that in a later question. On the other hand, Kane and Abby are just grounded and the stuff with Raven was riveting. I think I enjoy the wilderness aspect a lot more than the uncertainty I feel with Mt. Weather.

Craig: In this particular episode, I'm most interested in what's going on with Jaha. I thought he might be a goner at the end of Season 1, and now he's not only alive, but with the help of some visions, he's managed to get himself back to Earth... where on Earth is another question. (I was starting to think everyone who ever landed on Earth all landed within 2 miles of one another.) I also felt the appearance of Wells - even if it wasn't actually Wells - was a fantastic touch, because it might have not only given Jaha a reason to push on, but it also gave him some closure to that relationship that he never had before.

Carla: There was not a weak storyline among the bunch. They were all so well written and integrated into the hour. The final reveal about the Mountain Men was shocking for sure, but it was Octavia who I feared for the most. While the others have the support of their friends or at least their friends near in Clarke's case, Octavia is on her own. She stepped it up big time and never showed an inkling of fear.

Chancellor Kane: What do you make of his rule so far on the ground?

Paul: He is fast becoming the power hungry man he was for the first half of last season. I see him alienating Abby and even Jaha when they inevitably meet again. There is no way Jaha will rule the ground. Abby already knows the direction he is going, as she sends out Finn, Bellamy etc to find the other survivors.

Carissa: He is making the same mistakes the hundred did when they got to earth by treating it like everything is as it has been. Felonies, threats of punishments and such just aren't going to work in this new world just because they did elsewhere. He'll figure it out. He's not a bad guy. I want more Abby because I love Paige Turco. Give her the reins!

Craig: The thing with Kane, as much as he seems to be a huge jerk, I think he wants the best thing for his people. It might mean he's made some harsh decisions, and things that I personally wouldn't agree with, but I don't think he does what he does because he's evil. He thinks what he is doing is the way to survive. Henry Ian Cusick brings a lot to the character to show us that, I think. Would I think Abby would be a better leader? Absolutely. But I think Kane's first priority is to protect his people, and that might require tough choices.

Carla: I've hated the Kane we are seeing. He's not a bad man, instead he is trying to do what's best for his people. The problem is that he's not open to taking a look around and recognizing they aren't in an enclosed space station any longer where the biggest threat was someone taking an extra banana. On the ground, the threats are greater and there's not the need for mandatory "floating" for minor crimes. He's too closed-minded to be an effective leader. Bring on Abby!

Did you love or hate Jaha's visions and journey to Earth?

Paul: I loved Jaha's story this week. I kind of guessed the baby wasn't real as he hadn't heard it before this episode. It was nice for him to see his son, but I did kind of expect him to die after seeing him one last time. The journey to earth was one of the most nail biting moments I have ever seen on the show. The effects were passable for a CW show. My heart skipped a beat when the glass on his helmet shattered.

Carissa: Like some of our readers, I was completely confused about the baby at first. His helmet smashed (and I'm sorry, I don't think he'd survive that) and then the baby was gone and I thought... is he going to go back to get it? Did it fall out in the other compartment? When his son showed up, I got it, but it didn't feel that effective since I was so confused. I'm glad he's on earth now. I can't remember, but was the Golden Gate Bridge or something behind him? Why did I have the impression he was nooooowhere near the others?

Craig: While yes, I do agree with Carissa that the story was a little confusing, since I included it as my favorite individual journey of the episode, I'll also have to say I love it. Isaiah Washington had a tough job, doing most of his scenes alone there, and a lesser actor would not be able to pull that off.

Carla: I figured he was hallucinating, but I did wonder if someone could have left a baby behind. I interpreted his hallucinations as his mind's way of forcing him into finding a way to survive. The return of Wells was a nice touch. His innocence has been missed. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg tweeted according to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, someone can survive 30 seconds in the vacuum of space without permanent damage. I hope things are different where he landed.

What do you make of the use of Grounder blood to heal the Mountain Men (and Women)?

Paul: I liked this development. It confirmed all of Clarke's doubts. I didn't expect a reveal to happen so early on in the season, but given the pace of the episodes so far, the story is rolling on at full speed. I felt kind of bad for Anya, I was wondering where she had disappeared to. The promo from next week spoiled a good chunk of this story!

Carissa: I have more questions than anything else. They've been underground for 97 years. So, when did they first discover the Grounders? When did they start draining their blood? It seems too coincidental for the Grounders to be taken just as the hundred dropped. Have they always been afraid of Mt. Weather? Have mass amounts of people often gone missing steadily throughout the years? There is a lot I need to understand before I am willing to buy it.

Craig: I think I'd have to see and learn more about this before making a judgement. How's that for a lame answer?

Carla: Wow. There was something creepy about the President and Maya. I never would have guessed they were sort of blood cannibals. I was concerned with what happened to Anya after the way, but never ever would have guessed that she was being held as live stock for the people of Mount Weather. No wonder the Grounders feared the Mountain Men so much. 

For someone who was kept under the floor boards most of her life, Octavia has become a fierce warrior. Thoughts on her actions with the Grounders?

Paul: I like Octavia, but all of the parts with her taking the healer hostage felt a bit fake. The guy had more muscle on one of his arms, than she had on her full body. Perhaps he let her do it in order to save Lincoln. I think she might team up with the Grounders now, to save Lincoln and any other ones who have been taken.

Carissa: Well, she had a lot of time to think about things. LOL And since she had no real time with society in general, she was kind of free to choose who she wanted to be. She's obviously made her choice and I think it's a good one.

Craig: Living underneath floor boards (yet keeping that figure all her life - what do you know), Octavia has learned to be defensive and to hide herself. Yes, some disbelief needs to be suspended. We also don't know - she could be a quick learner in methods to fight. Probably not, but we can pretend, right? But seriously: Say you have a caged tiger. That tiger gets out, it can still maul the heck out of you. Maybe that science applies here.

Carla: Since we know Nyko is friends with Lincoln, it's possible that he was in on the hostage taking with Octavia. Perhaps, Nyko knew that was the only way that Octavia could get Lincoln back alive and helped her out. There was a moment  after Octavia threatened Nyko in front of Indra and before the hostage exchange when Nyko and Octavia weren't close together. He could have run then. Regardless, Octavia was fierce when standing up to the Grounders.

Anything else you want to mention about "Inclement Weather?"

Paul: The episode was fantastic. It feels like a new show. I'm loving the new direction and of course, the pace. Also, that new opening was so unexpected. It was amazing!

Carissa: I'm saddened that I have to put up with True Blood Tara's mother again. That poor actress will never be anyone other than Lettie Mae to me. Yes, I really am that petty and parts can influence my feelings for an actor long after they have taken their leave. I'm also happy to see Ty Olsson joined the cast. Love him!

Craig: The new opening titles are freaking AMAZING! I wish more shows did opening titles, because it gets me in the mood for the show and makes me feel like I have that to look forward to every week. Now, the goal is to get more people watching. I feel like The 100 is one of the best shows on TV right now, even if the ratings aren't reflecting that... however, I'm selfish and I want more, and I'd REALLY like it if more people tuned in. There's DVD/Blu-ray, there's Netflix. It's very easy to catch up. So if you haven't... do it. 

Carla: The new opening credits are amazing. I need to watch them over and over again looking for clues. Ty Olsson is a nice addition to the cast as Nyko. I hope he sticks around for awhile. I don't mind Adina Porter as Indra specifically because I'm looking forward to seeing her in a better role than Lettie Mae. And, a Grounder leader is about as far from Lettie as an actor could get. The partnership of Indra and Octavia is something I want to see.

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