Supernatural Turns 200: Fan-Friggin-Tastic Photo Preview!

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"Fan Fiction" looks absolutely fantastic.

Photos aren't always a great indicator of what's to come, but given this is the 200th episode of Supernatural (Holy cow!), and the show's past attempts at meta have, at times, risen to greatness, let's assume we're in for a rollicking good time!

Giving the fans what they want seems to be the theme. From Dean in a short sleeved T-shirt to Sam in a form fitting V-neck sweater, they veer straight into some strange territory.

A school teacher goes missing, and when the Winchester brothers go investigating in Supernatural Season 10 Episode 5, they discover the school is putting on a production about their lives.

From selfies with fan girls, a crowd scene on stage featuring all of the usual suspects in the lives of Sam and Dean to the atrocious beginning including Sam's near abduction and Mary Winchester burning alive on the ceiling -- the school has it all covered.

Will Sam and Dean be flattered, perturbed or fascinated? Probably a bit everything. We might have had a break in the excitement, but expect it to pick back up for this one!

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