Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 Review: Infinity Times Infinity

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Is it just me or is anyone else out there not completely buying what David Clarke is selling about his whereabouts over the past ten years? I'm just not sure the man is trustworthy, you guys.

On Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 he explained his absence to Emily, and based on that 50 Shades of Pain scene at the end, we know she's not exactly believing him.

Smart girl, Ems! Smart. Girl.

If there's one thing we know after four seasons, nothing is ever as it seems on Revenge. Almost no one is telling the straight truth about things. Ever.

That works for two reasons:

  1. Most of the characters on this show aren't pure and honest so lying is a thing they're okay with.
  2. It allows the writers some retcon room when they need a story to take a detour.

The trouble is that right now, I can't tell if David is lying because he's covering something up or because the writers aren't quite sure where they're taking this story yet and need to leave things as vague as possible. That's sort of frustrating, particularly in a story like this one. 

After several attempts to talk in the hospital, Emily ended up saving David's life when two henchmen showed up and tried to kidnap him. Either she stealth maneuvered herself into that room or she was hiding under the bed the whole time. Both are sort of weird. (I'm sure it was more clear how she got in the room, but I'm watching sans-DVR tonight and must have blinked. Anyway.)

So there she is, in the hospital room in her black hoodie kicking ass and taking...bodies. As in she took one of the men to her very own torture room in Casa de Thorne. What I think she's going to learn is that David didn't come clean with her when he told her that one of Conrad Grayson's enemies busted him out of jail and forced him to do "really terrible things." When he learned Amanda was alive, he escaped that guy and went to live in some other "off the grid" location. 

As Emily continues to torture that guy, she's going to find the secrets her father wanted to keep hidden. Seriously, what could be so bad that he would keep it from his daughter who is quite clearly capable of handling whatever gets thrown her way judging by the way she took down the two guys in the hospital room.

Now is not the time to be treating Emily like some delicate flower, David. Ugh. 

I'm getting frustrated with the David Clarke story. I want all the cards out on the table, please and thanks. Let us see what's going on with this guy.

I also want him to see that Victoria Grayson is playing him.

The woman made her monitors flatline today in order to get his attention, just because she could see that he was talking to Emily outside. I do have to give her some small props for coming clean about knowing Emily was really Amanda and that the relationship between them is just too far gone. 

The day when David has to choose between Emily and Victoria is coming soon. 

But first, Victoria will have to get rid of Louise Ellis, who is now so hell bent on becoming a Grayson she's trying to get herself pregnant with Daniel's baby. Well, she's trying and failing. 

So far Danny's keeping it in his pants this time around, hoping to reconcile with Margaux who discovered his infidelity recently. Once Nolan and Margaux take down Louise, maybe she'll forgive Daniel. Is it wrong that if Daniel can't win Margaux back, part of me wants to see him with Emily again? 

If that's wrong, I'm not sure I want to be right. 

That scene between Daniel and Emily on the porch tonight was perfect. Daniel is one of the few people on the show who has ever seen her cry, and he knows the difference between her real tears and her fake ones. His backwards way of encouraging her not to give up so easily on her father was flawlessly done. And it was a little hot, too.

Jack was asked to help with the FBI case about Conrad's murder and Ben got so super jealous. Wah, Ben, cry us  a river. His reaction to anything involving Conrad Grayson does make me wonder if he cares about the case on more than just a professional level. 

If Jack is smart, he won't trust the FBI agent he was assigned to work with tonight. She, too, will prove to be hanging out in the Hamptons for more than just a promotion.

What did you think of "Contact"? Do you believe David Clarke's story about where he was? We'll find out if he was telling the truth in two weeks, but we can always watch Revenge online until then.

Contact Review

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Emily: I punished your enemies! I cleared your name!
David: I never asked for your help!

David: Who are you?
Emily: A daughter who would do anything at all to protect her father.