Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Hello, Father

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We've waited for a month and a half now to see Emily Thorne come face to face with David Clarke and it finally happened on Revenge Season 4 Episode 7. Was it everything we thought it would be?

Yes. And no. And yes?'s hard to tell. There's a case to be made for both answers.

On the one hand, a happily ever after could not be the endgame right now, not at the seventh episode of the season. And the writers couldn't drag out the inevitable meeting between the two until the end of the season. It had to feel right, and fraught with drama.

In that case, this was a winning success! Dramatics were critical in their encounter.

The previews made it seem like David's appearance on Emily's doorstep was as a result of him figuring out who she is, and many of us have speculated that he's known all along. All of us who thought either of those things were wrong. So very wrong.

David showed up on Emily's doorstep not because he believed she was Amanda but because he believed she possessed information about Amanda. Which, you know, she does, possess all of it. BECAUSE SHE IS AMANDA. 

She rushed him off and got on her way and later found herself trapped in an elevator with Daniel, who knows her secret. Charlotte did tell her big brother everything she knows about Amanda/Emily before going off to rehab and Daniel wanted the promise that when everything between Emily and Victoria explodes he's kept out of it. Fair enough.

Emily agreed and then went on about her sleuthing business. Random inability to suspend disbelief here, but there's no way she made it into that vault, opened the box, removed the jump drive, put the box back, and exited the vault in 40 seconds. That's just not how banks work and I know from personal experience having worked in them before in my life. But hey, it's TV, right?

On said jump drive, Emily located images of Amanda's happily ever after with Jack and they moved Emily to tears, both in remembering her friend and in realizing that her father was so close for so long and never made contact. So she did what any distraught and forlorn woman does. 

She confronted him in his home.

She seemed to have gone to the beach house under the pretense of asking about Amanda, but somewhere in her questioning she slipped up and said "me" in a question or statement about how he never made contact. When David saw the double infinity tattoo on her wrist--with a notably absent suicide attempt scar--he realized that she must be Amanda.

It was at this moment that Victoria took it upon herself to be struck by electricity thanks to a fallen power line outside the beach house. (Okay, so she didn't PLAN to be electrocuted, but the timing could not have been better for Queen V, you know?)

David rushed out to save her after saying about eight words to the daughter he's supposedly missed for over a decade. I'm still not entirely convinced that Emily's identity was a surprise to him, but that's more because I don't want it to be a surprise. I want him to have known this entire time. I want him to have his own game he's playing where he's trying to take Victoria down. I don't want him to be an idiot.

For example, David walks into a strip club and believes the first story the stripper tells him about Amanda's life and how Victoria used to come by there to try and make contact and he just...buys it? Literally. He hands her money to pay for her time but also just walks out like "oh, okay..."

Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. I don't want David to be so idiotic that he can't tell when he's being played. I want him to have been attending his own Revengenda School of Red Sharpie Takedowns while he was living in Mostrowski's garage. Is that too much to ask?

We're going to have to wait and see how the David/Emily thing plays out. 

Elsewhere in this episode, Daniel got caught in his dalliance with Louise when Louise tried to kill Margaux after the spirit of her mother insulted her in the locker room. Or the ghost of her mother? What was going on there, exactly? Hallucination? Need for medication? Vision?

Whatever it was, Louise locked Margaux in a sauna and when Margaux nearly died she realized that it was because Louise used her hairpin to lock the door. When Margaux mentioned that Louise was Daniel's former client and he corrected her and said he was keeping Louise on so she wouldn't continue to attack Margaux, she figured out that his reason for keeping her around was because he'd slept with her.

Hey, Margaux did tell him to keep Louise happy... (KIDDING. That's no excuse, Daniel Grayson!)

I did appreciate Louise's scenes with Nolan if for no other reason than they gave him some screen time tonight. And now he owns a yacht club. (Who sells a yacht club on a handshake??)

Jack and Ben found Charlotte's dead druggie friend and a knife which matches the description of the one used to kill Conrad. Both men are suspicious but for their own reasons. Ben doesn't know who the dead guy is and what his connection to Conrad might be and Jack just suspects Emily has planted the knife there. 

That's one way to un-complicate things, Jack. Way to go.

What did you think of Revenge's, "Ambush"? Were you elated or let down by the David-Emily reunion? Let's talk about it in the comments!

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