Revenge Round Table: Reunited and It Feels So... Weird?

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David Clarke finally knows his daughter Amanda is alive and well after Emily stormed into the beach house on Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 and revealed her true identity to him. Then Victoria ruined it because that's what Victoria does.

What did we think about their reunion? It's time to find out as Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda joins Christine Orlando, Paul Dailly, and Miranda Wicker for another Revenge Round Table! Pull up a keyboard and toss your answers into the comments below.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Ambush?"

Laura: Hands down favorite scene was when Emily stormed in on Daddy Clarke and mommy dearest, slammed the photos down, and called David a Coward! Emily Van Camp's acting was amazing.  Who didn't feel that? Best moment of the season!

Christine:  Emily: So who told you?  Daniel: Your little sister. Who's also my little sister. Which makes this thing a little weird. - I love that Daniel is finally putting things together. He's too smart to be so clueless all the time and I enjoy complicated scenes between he and Emily.

Paul: My favorite scene was of course Emily going crazy at her father. Emily Van Camp owned the scene. It was heart-wrenching to watch. Why must I wait for more?

Miranda: Christine! You read my mind! I loved that part. Emily and David's confrontation was the highlight of the episode, but just to recognize the genius that is Gabriel Mann, I'll go with him announcing to Emily that a news truck was rolling up on her lawn in 3...2...and BAM. All because he followed himself on Twitter.

David knows Emily's secret. Was the reveal everything you hoped it would be?

Laura: Well, it might have been if Daddy Clarke would have hugged Emily instead of running after Vicky. Always about Vicky stealing someone else's moment! Electrocuted?!? Really??? 

Christine:  Yes, but I didn't expect it to get interrupted by Victoria being electrocuted. My only disappointment was that their reunion was cut short. I can't wait to find out how this plays out and what explanation David has for abandoning his daughter. When Emily looked at those photos of Amanda, she had to think that that was the life she could have had if things had been different.

Paul: It sure was. To be honest, I never thought it would happen this episode. I no longer trust ABC promos. I'm excited to find out what's next.

Miranda: I loved it because it was an emotional Emily moment and those are always among my favorite. I like it when she lets her guard down and shows her humanity. But damn, Victoria! Why'd you have to go and steal the moment like that?

Will Emily keep her promise to keep Daniel out of the crossfire in her fight with Victoria?

Laura: I think the moment between Emily and Daniel in the elevator for the 2nd time this season by the way (whats up with the elevators?) was great. I think Daniel deep down still loves Emily but I think he wants to cover his butt about a small incident where he shot her! Oops! I think Ems will keep him out of it but we will see.

Christine:  I don't think it will be her priority but I also don't see Daniel as a person in her crosshairs. If he stays out of it, my guess is she'll leave him be if she can. 

Paul: I'm not so sure. Daniel was a first class douche to her. He was evil. Everything he said and done to her will come back to haunt him. I doubt she will let him away with it.

Miranda: Look, I know I'm not alone when I say this judging by the comments on the Revenge review, but Daniel and Emily? I'm going to need them to get back together somehow. I have no idea how they overcome all that has happened between them, but yeah, their scene in the elevator was so uncomfortably full of chemistry that I need the writers to figure that out. So yes, I think she'll try to keep him out of the line of fire.

If you're Margaux, are you more mad that Daniel slept with Louise or that he didn't fire her when she tried to kill you?

Laura: Oh, but I thought Margaux was a confident woman? I would be mad if my man slept with another woman. No excuses for that. Now that Margaux knows how crazy red really is she should steer clear of both of them.

Christine:  They kind of go hand and hand! He didn't fire Louise because he'd slept with her. I loved how quick Margaux was to figure out that Louise had something on Daniel and exactly what it was. The girl's no fool. The drink in the face was a nice touch.

Paul: More mad that he didn't fire her. That makes it obvious he isn't completely finished with her. Margaux is a smart woman. I loved when she doused him in her drink.

Miranda: Margaux is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. She's so smart and she takes no sh*t! She's completely justified in being mad at Daniel for both, but I think I'd be more upset with him at the moment for not firing her when she tried to kill me. Yes, they were sort of a thing when he slept with Louise, but they are DEFINITELY a thing now and Louise tried to kill her! 

Nolan bought the yacht club. What should be the theme of the grand re-opening party he's sure to throw?

Laura: What's up with that? A replacement for the Stowaway? May it RIP! I am sure Nolan's party would be fab! Its his new encounter with Red that has me concerned. How funny was it hearing Nolan talking about him trending on Twitter! Loved that. 

Christine:  I think it's going to have something to do with Nolan's new appreciation for yachting and the tight fitting t-shirts and shorts that go with it. Whatever he chooses, I can't wait to watch. 

Paul: Redemption. He should invite everyone there and have David there with him, to let people know he isn't the big bad Victoria-like creature he has been made out to be.

Miranda: Well, he has already thrown a sailing-themed party, complete with giant inflatable swans, so that's out. 

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