Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Honor Among Thieves

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Taking place on Veterans Day, involving an Ebola-like virus and also focusing on giving a tablet to every student? Looks like Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 7 was really trying to keep things relevant (see what I did there?).

I know the series is fictional, of course, but to incorporate certain realities or touch upon aspects happening in real life makes the show that much more intriguing. There’s always that “what if” factor to keep viewers thinking at the same time they are engaged in the show.

Shaw, who got to take lead involving the latest number, was definitely engaged in her task. It probably helped she got to focus on a little eye candy and smooth criminal charm as well.

I liked seeing Shaw at the forefront, especially considering she’s been a sort of undercover thief, so it fit perfectly with the core focus of the hour.

Really, I like that the show switches things up with giving certain focuses and storylines to characters, so it never gets old, never stays the same. Each character really gets their chance to shine, while also even getting some great smaller moments as well. There’s such a nice balance.

And who didn’t laugh when Fusco told Reese it wasn’t cool he invited him to help fight the highly-trained assassins.

But Shaw showed that besides being a sexy and deadly force, she wanted to help Tomas, not get him killed even with the threat of Samaritan coming down on the POI team. She has definitely shown her growth as a character. Even turning down the offer to go with Tomas and her reasons for staying illustrated Shaw’s definite siding with the good guys.

She may love taking action, shooting people, and delving into a little crime on the side, but she’s also warmed up into a team player with a great sense of humor.

It was interesting to see her confront one of the men she trained back when she was the focused assassin working for Control. She clearly had enough of an impact on him to have him let her go.

I certainly would love to see that character back as he seems like he would be perfect to join the POI team from his questioning the mission, etc., but he also inadvertently put Samaritan right on Shaw’s trail.

That simple delete sent Samaritan into overdrive, and I’ve got a bad feeling the POI team is going to be in some serious trouble.

But I also loved the question Finch brought up about doing bad for good.

It was a scary thought that the whole tablets for students could be Samaritan trying to weasel its way into every home, but what if it was just something good, no agenda?

This battle with Samaritan has certainly blurred lines along the way. It makes me wonder if one of the POI team will be forced into a situation that has a choice with even more severe consequences? Remember back when The Machine was telling Reese to kill for it?

Overall, I loved the converging of stories, the engaging scenes from the simple Shaw flirting with Tomas and Root talking in her ear to the climactic showdown for the virus. There’s always something good to find on Person of Interest, especially with its great characters and a story that keeps building and has you eager to know more.

And who knows, maybe Shaw will get a chance to see Tomas again? Though I’m sure Root would have something to say about that…

What did you think? Did you enjoy Shaw taking the lead? Will Samaritan be able to find them now? Sound off below and watch Person of Interest online so you don't miss an episode.

Honor Among Thieves Review

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