Jane The Virgin Creator Talks Love Triangle, Romance for Xo & More

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Dios mio, Jane!

You've gotta sympathize a little with our favorite virgin-with-child on Jane The Virgin Season 1 because she just found out her boyfriend Michael lied to her, forcing her to break up with him and quickly finding herself in the arms of the  man who (artificially) impregnated her.

What’s a girl to do?

Since we last left Jane locking lips with Baby Daddy Rafael, what’s next?? Will Michael quietly disappear from her life? And what is Jane’s Mom doing with the father of one of her dance students? Is she just trying to make Rogelio jealous? And should we sympathize at all with villainous Petra?

Series creator Jennie Urman gave me the low down on what’s coming tonight on Jane The  Virgin Season 1 Episode 7, so consider yourself SPOILED WARNED and let's dig in...

Jane and Xo - Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7

TV Fanatic: The show has gotten such a warm reception from critics and viewers. Does that create a pressure for you at all?

Jennie Urman: It doesn’t create pressure. It’s a tricky tone and I’m very comfortable trusting my gut and knowing that people are liking it validates that. It’s always useful to see what people are liking and what they’re responding to. It’s makes writing it even more enjoyable.

TVF: With the telenovela-ness of the show, it gives you a license to do a lot of different, fun things but is there something restraining about that or a challenge at all?

JU: I don’t think so. I think the telenovela feel, to me, allows us to make sure there’s fun and underneath that we’re dealing with real things and real issues for Jane. She’s going to be a Mom and that’s a real thing but I think having a telenovela frame around it lets us just have fun with the genre and it gives us a little more license to do some of the more wilder plot twists and then it becomes a nice counterpoint to the more serious moments…it’s allowed me to create a world where anything can happen and I like that in the storytelling.

TVF: In the last episode, Jane had broken things off with Michael and was smooching with Rafael by the end. Are we, the audience, supposed to feel split like Jane? I am kind of rooting for both sides!

JU: I do, too! The way I look at it is Jane had her life all planned out and she had this plan, hadn’t had sex, all that stuff, and then her whole world gets knocked upside down by something that was no action of hers. It was an accident that the insemination happened and it shakes Jane up. She’s never been a girl who’s went through a teenage rebellion and I think she’s realizing that life just happens and she has to go with it a little bit more.

It was very deliberate that you saw the first date with Michael in the same episode where they broke up. I wanted you to remember how much they had at the same time as it’s ending so we would feel more conflicted. And those different manifestation of snow. There’s one that happens with Michael and one that happens with Rafael and that was deliberate. I didn’t want any choice to be too easy.

TVF: What’s coming next for Jane and Rafael?

JU: You know, they have this epic kiss that was so romantic and it feels like a fairy tale and so right at the top of the episode you see what happens when reality crashes in. They don’t live in a bubble and that she can’t just follow her heart without thinking about all the other people that their kiss impacts emotionally. Jane is a person that doesn’t skate by those issues. It’s going to challenge her…she’s somebody who wants to do the right thing and it’s going to shake her up when some people tell her ‘we don’t think that’s right.’ She has to decide whether she’s going to go for it with Rafael.

TVF: Will we see her deal with her feelings for Michael? It’s not like you can just turn off feelings, ya know?

JU: Yeah, that all plays into it. I think her heart at this point in the show, she has the father of her baby who she has this incredibly strong connection and that’s where her passionate heart is leading her. Then we’re going to take a journey of what the breakup is like and Michael and Jane are closer and not closer at certain times. Michael is a very important part of her life so she’s going to be conflicted.

TVF: With Nicholas Gonzalez on the show for a few episodes as Marco, we have another triangle situation where we also like Xo with Rogelio. What are we going to see there?

JU: I think the next episode is about Xo and Rogelio posturing how they’re fine not being together and then Marco emerges out of that episode as a real option and not just an option she used to distract herself from Rogelio

TVF: :Let’s talk about Petra a bit. She’s off on her own little crazy adventure but what’s coming next for her?

JU: Petra gets put through the ringer and her past is coming back to haunt her. She’s going to be battling with Rafael and, therefore, with Jane in order to get what she thinks is hers. By episode nine we are going to know why she’s being blackmailed and what happened to her mother.

TVF: Do you want audiences to sympathize with Petra or just be a villain we love to hate?

JU: She’s both of those things. I think she’s a villain you love to hate and I wouldn’t want anyone to be one note so anything to complicate her and the point of empathy for Petra is she really loved Rafael, she really did get hurt when they broke up and she really has a horrible mother so those are in there so we can get a more balanced read on Petra. She can be as villainous as she wants as long as we understand her motivations. Yael is also a really great comedian and I think people will enjoy getting to know more and more about Petra.

TVF: Are we getting a mini cliffhanger for the winter break?

JU: Yes, we have huge cliffhangers in 12 and 13. Jane and Rafael will have to deal with some more serious pregnancy issue and things will heat up between Rafael, Michael and Jane. We’re going out on huge cliffhangers.

TVF: I have to ask, assuming Jane does eventually have sex and the word ‘virgin’ is in the title, is that a conflict you’ll have to deal with?

JU: We have all this texting on screen where we cross things out so I imagine at the moment she has sex, at the end we write Jane The Virgin and cross out Virgin. You know she was but she’s not anymore. I feel like our title can evolve and we can add our touches to it.

Jane The Virgin Season 1 airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW. 

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