Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7 Review: Can We Start Again Please?

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Second chances. That was the theme of Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7, an hour that focused heavily on Amelia. I, for one, absolutely loved it.

I still miss Private Practice and I'm imagining that it was nice for those who who didn't get a chance to watch it to learn more about Amelia.

So, what went down on this episode filled with sibling drama and much more? Let's discuss!

A family member involved in one of Amelia's cases revealed her dark past in the most awful way possible. Seriously, not one stone was left unturned. Everyone heard about how Amelia was a drug addict and overdosed while waking up next to her dead boyfriend. 

There was whispering, and Amelia quickly became the talk of the hospital. I actually appreciated that Amelia chose not to tell Owen a single thing about her past when she was confronted. Sure, Owen said that he wanted to help, but it was her right to keep her past life private. 

The Shepherd showdown was incredibly intense. When Owen asked Derek if Amelia was the best person to handle the neurology department, I thought he would say something to denounce her steadfastly. Without a single word, he still did just that. 

Eventually, Derek stepped up at the board meeting and confessed that Amelia is in recovery and that the hospital should protect her. He also stated that he should have protected his sister and admitted that he didn't because he wanted his job back. He was there defending his sister and believed that Amelia should keep her job.

I liked how the writers captured how complicated Amelia and Derek's relationship is. The people that mean the most to you always see you at your best and worst and that was clearly depicted. I know even my family can attest to this. 

It was also nice to see Meredith have some quality sister time with both Amelia and Maggie. More, please!

Elsewhere, Dr. Herman was MIA and this caused Arizona to act fast to try to save a mother and baby. Unfortunately, the mother didn't make it but the baby did survive.  

With Dr. Herman's health deteriorating, Arizona still wants to continue to learn from her. I don't think that Dr. Herman should operate at all and think that she should honestly consider talking to McDreamy and Amelia about her condition. Surely, they could try to help her.

Also, Arizona moved in with Alex. Jo didn't look too excited to see a full house.

Other Thoughts:

  • I was really glad that Amelia talked to Richard about the woman's outburst and to Meredith about Derek. The bonds on this show are so important and keep growing increasingly stronger.
  • We've seen the flashbacks from when Derek and Amelia's father was killed before. This time, though, it felt even more haunting as I realized how broken Derek really is.
  • I was glad to see that Jo nailed her first solo surgery. "Little bitty Bailey" taught her a valuable lesson about trust, and I want to see Jo and Stephanie learning even more.
  • We finally saw a bit of Japril together. I can't help but wait for Jackson's overbearing mom to show up.
  • I loved the Throwback Thursday mention of George O'Malley. 

Overall, I thought this installment was well written and liked that it was mostly about family.

So, what did you think of "Can We Start Again Please?" What are your thoughts on Derek admitting to hitting rock bottom? Hit the comments now and let's start talking!

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Can We Start Again Please? Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

It's the past, and you don't have to defend it.


I'm not afraid of little bitty Dr. Bailey.


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