Days of Our Lives Round Table: Eve & JJ Hit the Sheets

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Eve and JJ hit the sheets while Kristen stole a fetus straight out of Theresa's body. What else is there to say?

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kristen from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss Eve and JJ's secret, Kristen's twisted scheme, whether they're rooting for Chad or Ben and more…

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Does Paige have the right to be angry at JJ for not coming clean about Jack and Kayla?

Nick: No, Paige is such a one note character already that it just becomes more annoying when she demands answers for topics she has no right being in to begin with. What happened between Jack and Kayla is squarely in JJ’s family history, and Paige has no standing to pester JJ about such a haunting family secret.

Kristin:  I don't think so. It has nothing to do with her, it has nothing to do with her relationship with JJ, and she doesn't even know Jack. I do understand that teenage girls like to know everything, though; so, in some ways, I think this makes Paige seem like more of a teenager than she generally does.

Christine:  I hadn't thought of it that way Kristen but you're right. Teenage girls do tend to feel as though they need to know every detail but I also agree with Nick. Paige is a dull, one note character with a bad habit of listening in on other people's conversations because if she didn't, she'd be even more boring. To answer the question, it is none of Paige's business. You'd think she'd be embarrassed to ask, not self righteous and indignant. 

If/when JJ and Eve's secret comes out, what do you think they will say to Paige?

Nick: I really hope this soap twist continues. As much as Eve and JJ both regret what happened between them, the chemistry as they were having hate/sad sex was undeniable. Long live JJeve.

Kristin:  Thaaaat's a good question. They both obviously feel horribly guilty. I do have a feeling, if push comes to shove, Eve will throw JJ under the bus. Her relationship with Paige is the only thing that means anything to her, so she would do anything to preserve it. I'm not sure JJ would blame Eve directly to Paige, considering how bad he already feels about himself, his father, and everything else.

Christine:  JJ will be a deer in the headlights. The real wild card here is Eve. She is capable of anything from calling it rape to continuing the affair. I'm really not sure how this is going to play out which is what makes it interesting. 

Kristen steals Theresa's fetus. Too twisted? Evil genius? Your thoughts?

Nick: Absolutely bananas, and I loved every minute of it. It’s just like Kristen and the DiMeras to pull off something so absolutely twisted. It’s also a callback to the craziness Days used to do all the time before they went for a more realistic tone.

Kristin:  Both. Neither. I don't know. One the one hand, it's just a bit too much. I mean, it's really, really disturbingly gross. And Kristen has bypassed evil genius straight to not-even-fun monster psychopath. There's just nothing "fun" about this story; it's just horrible, and everyone in it looks horrible - even Theresa, since she sees her baby as a meal ticket/connection to Brady. On the other hand, they've written it with such a blase attitude, it just all comes across very oddly. I imagine the intention is to make me feel sympathy for Theresa, but it's just not working even though it probably should.  

Christine:  Both. There's squick factor to removing a fetus from someone without their consent. At the same time, Kristen's always been a bit nuts and this takes it back to her original looniness. But what's her end game? Brady knows they didn't sleep together. A DNA test would still prove the baby is Theresa's. And with Kristen leaving town this is going to be a major loose thread left dangling. 

Will Jordan shoot Clyde? Do you hope she does?

Nick: Clyde is just as boring as Jordan. I hope they shoot and kill each other.

Kristin:  I'm not sure. I think something is going to happen - she shoots him but doesn't kill him? She gets injured? A third-party gets injured? I feel like there aren't enough people in town who know or care for there to be a "who killed Clyde" mystery. But Jordan's clearly going to do something. Sounds like Clyde definitely deserves to be killed in the most painful way possible, but I really like James Read so I'm torn (I know that makes me a bad person, lol.)

Christine:  I like the actor but the character has become as predictable as Jordan. I'm with Nick. If they somehow killed one another I think I'd be grateful. 

In the feud between Chad and Ben, for whom are you rooting?

Nick: Neither, both are vying for Abigail who has become another boring character.

Kristin:  100% Team Chad. I think it's entirely about how much better I like the actor, but still.

Christine:  Definitely Chad. Ben has become nothing more than a guy with a bad temper. Chad is despicable but fun, although I do hope he's just toying with Abigail for the fun of it. He deserves to be paired with someone more interesting than either her or Jordan. 

Which character disappointed you the most?

Nick: Abigail threatening to tell her Mom. This is the same young woman who was all for standing toe to toe with Sami Brady, and now she’s threatening Eve that she’s going to tell Jennifer? How disappointing.

Kristin:  Probably Brady. He can apparently get past Kristen raping his brother, but her almost having sex with his best friend is the deal breaker?

Christine:  I thought the same thing Nick. That's Abigail's big threat? She's going to tell her Mom when she gets home? She sounded like a 12-year-old. 

What was your favorite scene/story of the week?

Nick: This week on Days was pretty bonkers all around between baby snatching and JJ and Eve sleeping together. 

Kristin:  It's not necessarily my favorite story, but I really loved the Eve/JJ scenes on Wednesday (pre-sex). I think both actors did a really great job on communicating their characters feelings with really not very much dialogue. That was all the actors, and they were both great. I also think KDP has been fantastic this whole week in showing, variously, Eve's desperation, despair, fear, guilt, and self-loathing. Kassie is great at communicating emotion; and she really made me feel for Eve this week.

Christine:  Surprisingly it was Rory setting Paige straight. For once Rory got it right. Paige is seriously life stupid.

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