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When Detective Esposito walked onto that subway car, the last thing he expected was to be confronted with a gun and then a bomber with a suicide vest and a dead man's switch but that's exactly what happened on Castle Season 7 Episode 8

Thankfully, with a camera on board, the gang at the 12th precinct was able to see exactly what was going on but would it allow them to help? As Beckett, Castle and Ryan all scrambled to figure out who Jared Stone really was and what he wanted, Esposito and a Transit Officer devised a plan to disarm Jared and secure the bomb. 

But while watching the video feed Lanie was able to decipher a twist no one saw coming. Their hostage taker was ill. As a matter of fact his inhaler had been spiked with a deadly flu virus and now everyone on board that subway car was in danger of being infected. 

Was a plot to spread a deadly plot the work of one man, a terrorist attack or something even more horrifying and were Castle and Beckett able to figure out the real agenda before it's too late?

To find out, watch Castle online right here at TV Fanatic. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

You have to turn back Jared because if you don't, here's what's going to happen. HRT, that's the Hostage Rescue Team, they're going to wait for you to get weak and tired. Then a dozen highly trained guys armed to the teeth will breach this car and trust me when I tell you they will not play.

Javier Esposito

Well, you know the thing of it is, you know what it's like to not have a father, you'd make sure your kid never felt that way.

Kevin Ryan