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Finally! Finally! We got the Caskett wedding we've all been waiting for this week, but not before Rick Castle bumped his head, wished upon a mystical artifact and ended up in an alternate universe where and he Beckett never met.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Jim Garner, Robin Harry, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Teresa from The 12th a Castle Fan Forum to debate who else Kate could have married, the most disturbing alternate universe twist and their favorite scene from Castle Season 7 Episode 6...

Castle RT - depreciated -

Kate and Rick had never gotten together, to which of her former boyfriends could you see her getting married?

Stacy: That's tough. She was with Josh the longest, but their lives were so busy I'm not sure that ever would have worked even if she hadn't met Castle. I think I have to go with Demming. She broke up with him for Castle, so if she had never met him, I could see Beckett and Demming working out. 

Jim: I agree with Stacy, I think Demming is the most likely choice. Thankfully for us, we have Caskett now instead!

Robin: Is it bad that I've forgotten them all? I vaguely remember Demming, they were good together. 

Chandel: I am with the majority here and am going to say Demming. He was ridiculously good-looking and they seemed to have a really good rapport. I could have seen them tying the knot.

Teresa:  Maybe Demming as he is a police officer and would understand her life. None of them would be her true love like Castle.

Christine:  With both Sorenson and Josh, their careers came before Kate. Demming was the nicest and Kate and Tom seemed to have fun together so like everyone else, I'm going with Demming. But as Teresa said, it still wouldn't be what she has with Castle.

Which of the many changes in the alternate universe disturbed you the most?

Stacy: Probably Alexis mostly because I don't really understand how Rick never meeting Kate would have such an affect on her. Rick raised her, they had a good relationship before he ever met Kate. I can't imagine anything that would have made Alexis move in with her mother. 

Jim: Stacy and I picked the same item, Alexis. However, I completely see how they could end up apart, and how easily it can happen. After Castle's book failed he went into a tailspin and at some point Alexis had to jump off to save her own sanity. Though I will say the "black hair" made her feel like "evil Alexis" as if we were watching Star Trek. 

Robin: Honestly, the idea that Ryan and Jenny weren't together really bothered me. They were the most functional couple and we saw them go through a lot together, so it actually stung me that they couldn't make it work in this universe.

Chandel: The complete and utter lack of Capt. Montgomery. I really think they got some of that alternate universe wrong. In my opinion, any condition that existed prior to Castle entering it should have been at play, and that included Montgomery. I also think it would have been a nice surprise for fans.

Teresa:  It was sad to see Castle and Alexis not be the close father/daughter we have always seen. Also that Jenny and Ryan were not together.

Christine:  That Rick went into such a tailspin that it eventually drove Alexis away was really disheartening and Ryan without Jenny was truly sad and unexpected. It just showed how fragile relationships can be. 

Which of the changes in the alternate universe did you enjoy the most.

Stacy: Martha. She deserves to be a star and I loved that Castle encouraged her at the end. Everyone else's lives are better because Castle and Beckett met, but she kind of got the short end of the stick. 

Jim: Dang it Stacy, we think too much alike! Honestly, Martha was the only one we could really enjoy as everyone else seemed be worse off. Javi and Ryan were single, Beckett was single, and Castle was broke.  

Robin: I'm with everyone else on this one, I loved seeing Martha being on top of her game, though it meant she couldn't (or gave up on) being there for Rick. 

Chandel: Martha being a rock star. Let's face it---she deserves it!

Teresa:  I laughed at Castle sneaking around to get back on the case at the precinct.

Christine:  I liked that Kate wasn't quite who we know now but wasn't quite the Beckett we met back in Castle season 1. She didn't have that hard edge anymore and she was still drawn to Rick whether she like it or not. 

So was Rick's journey to an alternate reality brought about by a mystical artifact or a bump on the head?

Stacy: Haha, I think a bump on the head, but I'm more of a skeptical Beckett than a whimsical Castle. I assumed that he would wake up on the floor with Beckett standing over him at the end. 

Jim: It had to be a mystical journey, he stuck his face in ice water AND was able to read, both showed he wasn't just sleeping. And my final bit of proof is that there is no way Castle could have dreamed who was really behind the theft or the face of the second gun man. 

Robin: Bump on the head. Though I do love the symbolism of him getting shot and with Kate begging him to stay with her - as he did for her when she was shot.

Chandel: You know, I like to believe anything is possible. Either way, it was a nice plot to mold the show and its characters to for an episode.

Teresa:  I love the way they give us these mystical cases and they give us a small reveal that tells us it just might have been a real alternate universe. Kate has never told Castle that she met him at a book signing. How would Castle dream that?

Christine:  Teresa, you stole my line! I'd go with bump on the head if it weren't for Kate telling him about the book signing. And why wouldn't Beckett have shared that with him by now? I was really hoping she'd get to tell him about that book signing in the real universe too.

Would you like to see Kate Beckett become Captain one day?

Stacy: No, I like Kate as a street cop. SVU hasn't been the same since Benson became the boss and I don't really want to see that on Castle. Plus I don't think she'd be happy at a desk job.  

Jim: I'm torn, because any "normal" captain stays in the office doing paperwork and such. But, she could be more "Captain Kirk" and be more active in the field, and that would be kind of cool to see and it would be awesome for her career.  

Robin: Nope, I think she's better as a street cop. Kate wouldn't be happy pushing papers all day. 

Chandel: I think it could definitely be in the cards, but right now I'm content to watch her as a homicide detective.

Teresa:  No because she is so good at solving the cases and bringing closure to families. If she became a Captain she would be stuck doing paper work and playing politics.

Christine:  Paperwork, politics, the numbers game. Not that Kate couldn't do the job well but it sounds horribly depressing and it's not like she needs the pay bump. She's a brilliant homicide detective. Let's hope she stays that way for a good long while.

Was there anything in the episode that disappointed you?

Stacy: The wedding was almost perfect, however I wish Castle had ended his vows with "Always" the way Beckett did. It also would have been nice if Ryan, Espo, and Lanie were there, but it didn't bother me too much that they weren't. 

Jim: I was actually disappointed that there wasn't a better balance of "different and equal (or better)" and "different and worse" in the alternate world. Lanie was pregnant but not with Javi, Ryan never met Jenny, Kate made captain, but was unhappy, etc, etc.. Only Martha had an alternate life that was better. It needed more "different but equally good". 

Robin: The green screen at the wedding destroyed my soul a little bit. It's one of the most important moments in these characters' lives, screen sunset?

Chandel: I'm going to side with Jim on this one and gripe that there weren't enough "different but equal (better)" moments and some of the "different but worse" didn't seem to logically follow one another. Also, there's that whole "pre-existing condition" element I mentioned before that kind of put a damper on things for me.

Teresa:  No, they were able to give us a nice look at how their lives had been changed for the better by having each other in their lives plus a great wedding all in 43 minutes.

Christine:  I thought I was going to be vehemently disappointed if they left the wedding to the last five minutes...and I was shocked that I wasn't at all. I can honestly say I enjoyed the hour from beginning to end.

What was your favorite moment of "The Time of Our Lives."

Stacy: Definitely the wedding. I am glad they didn't just run off to the courthouse to get married. I wanted an actual wedding and we got one, complete with vows and a first dance to "In My Veins." Like I said above, it was almost perfect and it was worth the wait. 

Jim: I suspect it we will all agree on this one this week. The Wedding...Finally they made it to the alter... I'm so happy I could burst! I wonder if they will talk about Beckett changing her name at work to take Castle's name. 

Robin: The wedding comes close, but my favorite moment is Castle admitting to Beckett why he hadn't been sleeping, and resolving to fix it by asking her to marry him again, now.  That was a powerful scene; I loved it. 

Chandel: As much as I was not a fan of that pants suit or that very suspect Hamptons sunset background, I am going to go with Kate and Rick exchanging vows. Their nuptials weren't what I was expecting or quite what I was hoping for, but the words were beautiful and that's what stuck with me most.

Teresa:  The wedding vows were well worth the wait. They were amazing. And we even got to see them dance to their song. 

Christine:  The vows. They were special, and perfect, and so very Caskett. I was almost as giddy as Kate and Rick looked as they said them. 

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