Arrow: Watch Season 3 Episode 5 Online

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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 5, we were blessed with the appearance of Felicity's mother, Donna, after a long wait. Was it all it was cracked up to be?

Did you want to see Felicity when she was in college? At a time when she had a boyfriend -- a lover -- and wore her natural hair color? Have you always felt that Felicity was a hacktivist at heart?

It's no surprise whatsoever that Donna Smoak is simply stunning. She's gorgeous in every way. If you thought that because she was single mother who raised her daughter waiting tables that she was somehow less than her daughter, you may be surprised.

You may also be surprised to discover a real relationship between the mother and daughter that bled over to the other characters, as familial love is explored between parent and children and siblings.

There is a surprise so great at the end of the hour, it is possible it's just a dream. Do dreams come true? What happens if they do? 

You'll only know any of this if you're brave enough to click and watch Arrow online now.

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