The Flash Season 1 Trailer: A Look Ahead

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The Flash Season 1 is off and running. Really, really fast.

On The Flash Season 1 Episode 1, viewers were (re)introduced to Barry Allen, as Grant Gustin brought this iconic comic book character to life on a universally-praised premiere.

We delved into the character's unfortunate past, which includes a dead mother and an imprisoned father, learning what made him into the lab geek with a golden heart that he is today. 

What can fans expect from the "Crimson Angel" as Season 1 forges ahead?

The CW has unveiled an extended trailer that doesn't just give us a look at The Flash Season 1 Episode 2, it also teases a number of developments to come, such as the debut of Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold.

Yes, folks, The Streak is alive. Get an idea of where he's headed now:

You can watch The Flash online if you missed the premiere and you can get to know all the key players via the following photo gallery:

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Joe: Until a few weeks ago I thought the fastest guy could run a mile in four minutes, not four seconds.
Barry: Bet I could do it in three. Not relevant.

Joe: Your ability to multitask is truly remarkable. The way you can embarrass me, the captain and yourself all at the same time...
Barry: Joe, I'm sorry.
Joe: I'm beginning to think Joe I'm Sorry is my actual name considering how often you say it to me.