The Flash Preview Pics: He's a Super Streak!

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Poor Barry. He's the fastest man alive, but being a hero is hard!

As a matter of fact, when gunmen storm an event to which he has accompanied Iris West in honor of Simon Stagg, he manages to save a life but doesn't seal the deal by catching the bad guys because he passes out.


Yep, something is a little off with The Flash, or the "Red Streak" as people in Central in City call what they see. Iris becomes a bit intrigued by it, so it's not all bad, right?

While Det. West comes down on Barry for doing something foolish and putting his life in jeopardy, Harrison Wells, Caitlin and Cisco scramble to determine what's making Barry pass out!

The villain of the week will be a metahuman named Danton Black, earlier mistaken for a group of six gunmen. To find out how in the heck that mistake was made, you'll just have to watch.

In the meantime, flip through The Flash Season 1 Episode 2 photos and prepare for all the fun!

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Joe: Until a few weeks ago I thought the fastest guy could run a mile in four minutes, not four seconds.
Barry: Bet I could do it in three. Not relevant.

Joe: Your ability to multitask is truly remarkable. The way you can embarrass me, the captain and yourself all at the same time...
Barry: Joe, I'm sorry.
Joe: I'm beginning to think Joe I'm Sorry is my actual name considering how often you say it to me.