The Flash Casts Malese Jow as Possible Love Interest

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The Flash has cast another pivotal female role!

Malese Jow will join the series on The Flash Season 1 Episode 12 as Linda Park. This is Jow's third appearance on The CW, as she formerly appeared as Anna in The Vampire Diaries, as well as on the short-lived series, Star-Crossed.

Malese Jow and Linda Park

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Linda will be a quick-witted reporter at the Central City Picture News who will become friends with Iris and show her the ropes in the fast-paced world of journalism.

Apparently, Barry will run into Linda at a bar and those two will become fast friends, as well.

Why does this really matter? Because in The Flash comics, Linda Park was the girlfriend and eventual wife of one of The Flash personas, Wally West. West was first introduced as the nephew of Barry's (then) wife, Iris. The possibility of his appearance is, in part, why the Wests were cast as African Americans.

It's also interesting to note that the character appeared in Arrow Season 2 Episode 9, "Three Ghosts," but was played by Olivia Cheng. 

So what does this mean to The Flash world of Barry, his feelings for Iris and the possible appearance of Wally West? Whatever it is, it is certainly exciting! Let the speculation begin!

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