Revenge Round Table: What Should Emily Do Next?

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We're back with another edition of the Revenge Round Table! Emily knows David Clarke is alive and there is much to discuss!

Join our TV Fanatic panel of experts - consisting of Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda, Paul Dailly, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker - as we dish on all things Emily Thorne. Then be sure to add your answers to the comments below!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 4?

Laura: My favorite part of the episode hands down was Emily seeing David Clarke in the line up! What a great performance by Emily VanCamp. I felt her emotion! Amazing!

Paul: My favorite scene was Emily realizing her father was alive. Everything she has done has led to this moment. It was heartwrenching. 

Christine:  As usual Nolan had all the best lines, as when talking about the attacker in Emily's bedroom. From, "Maybe little Arson Annie was behind this too!" to him pointing out, "You do know that hoodie is not a bulletproof vest." I loved how protective Nolan was of Emily, even if she is a badass.

Miranda: Gah, Nolan! I love him! I'll go with Victoria telling Charlotte to stop choosing to be a victim. Charlotte has always been one of the whiniest and most useless characters on the show, so any time someone tells her to grow up, I applaud their efforts.

Was Emily learning that her father is alive everything you thought it would be?

Laura: I think so! She reacted the way one would if she learned the father she thought was dead is alive. Of course, how often does that happen? Now I question Nolan's reaction. He didn't seem so surprised to me. We shall see if Nolan knew David Clarke was alive.

Paul: Yes, it was excellent, but at the same time, a tad disappointing. The promos made it look like they reunited and had conversation. ABC promos do this all the time!

Christine:  Yes Paul, I've learned never to trust promos. Emily realizing that her father was alive was wonderful and heartbreaking. When she told Nolan, "After I lost my dad, all I ever wished for was just to see him one more time. I'd settle for five minutes, one more kiss goodnight." I wanted to hug her. David Clarke is alive but there's still a chasm between him and his daughter.

Miranda: Emily learning David is alive? Yes, super great moment for the show. I added the scene Christine mentioned to the Revenge Quotes database. However, the two of them not actually coming face to face like the promos suggested? Booo! But hey, the writers have to save SOMETHING for sweeps.

Why doesn't Jack want David to know he's a police officer?

Laura: I am not sure I took that Jack didn't want David to know he was a police officer as much as I thought Jack didn't want to see David at the moment. Jack seemed just as shocked as Emily, especially more than Nolan was! 

Paul: I think this is due to his hatred for the law. He was wrongfully convicted and David might compare him to other cops.

Christine:  What does he say to the man? I was married to your daughter but she wasn't really your daughter! Your actual daughter is alive and well and has ruined lives getting revenge for your supposed death? There's so much to explain, if I were Jack I'd need some time to figure it all out before I spoke with him too.

Miranda: Jack's hesitation is weird to me. His childhood relationship to David Clarke was limited to a few summers. Sure, he married David's faux-daughter and is the father of David's faux-grandson, but Jack knows the truth. It's weird and I can't quite figure it out. Maybe he doesn't want David to know he's a cop so that he doesn't have David coming to him for help evading the police like Emily is sure to do soon.

Does David trust Victoria?

Laura: I think seeing Emily in the Manor made him pause. Whether he recognized Emily as Amanda or not, it made him start to question things! Or maybe he was playing Victoria all along! Who knows?! The note from Victoria looked to have pushed him over the edge though. I have to hand it to the writers for making David's escape seem plausible, and now David is scott free of Conrad's murder. Notice how he left the knife on the shelf too. Foreshadowing the Revenge way possibly?!?

Paul: He's 50/50. He knows that Amanda is alive. I'm certain of this! She has a hold over him because he killed Conrad. She probably has the police on speed dial.

Christine:  The man was convicted of being a terrorist mostly because he had an affair with Victoria. She could have saved him but chose not to, no matter what her story. He'd be a complete fool to trust Victoria and I'm getting the feeling that David Clarke is no fool.

Miranda: He's had 20 years to plan his revenge on Victoria. Not a chance in Hell he trusts her. 

What's your next move if you're Emily?

Laura: I think Emily, as we see in the promo, needs to find a way to get to David and convince him she is Amanda. If he didn't recognize her that would be her motivation now. As we saw in the promo Victoria always has something to say and funny how she says Emily is responsible for all the deaths along her revenge path. Ummm, Victoria you aren't so innocent either! Remember Aiden...Helen...let's tell David together shall we?

Paul: Kill queen Victoria! Obviously that's not happening any time soon. She needs to bite the bullet and try to make amends with Charlotte in order to get closer to David.

Christine:  My guess is that she'll use Nolan and Jack to try and get close to David. Especially Nolan since David trusted him to bring the journals to his daughter all those years ago. I have to believe when the man looks into the eyes of his daughter it will spark some sense of recognition. 

Miranda: In my latest Revenge review I said I would announce my real identity to the world, but that's ME-Emily talking. Emily-Emily will try to form an alliance with someone inside Victoria's life in order to get information and gain access. She's coming for you, Victoria!

Will Daniel be able to resist Louise's advances?

Laura: Is Daniel a male? Sorry! Couldn't resist! I think he is intrigued by her but I also think he likes Margaux, so time will tell. That Louise is quite forward and a little out there. Her obsession with Victoria is a tad concerning.

Paul: Nope, it's Daniel. He's been a bit more bearable this season than the last two. They are going to make him annoying again after he sleeps with her.

Christine: I don't think he wants to. He's not in love with Margaux and he needs to keep Louise happy, or at least he thinks he does. And let's face it, Daniel's always had the moral backbone of a jellyfish so I'm not expecting to see him turn Louise down.

Miranda: I think he genuinely loves the female attention he's able to garner, but I also think that he's shown great restraint in the past when he's been in a solid relationship. He will inevitably do something that LOOKS stupid and have his reputation ruined for an action he didn't actually go through with. 

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

[to Emily] You do know that hoodie is not a bulletproof vest. You can die. And that the girl that you are so desperately trying to save would like to see that happen sooner rather than later.


[to Emily] Maybe little Arson Annie was behind this too! She's not my sister.