Revenge Round Table: "Ashes"

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The reunion we didn't know we were waiting for is coming, Revenge Fanatics! But first, we have to discuss Revenge Season 4 Episode 3 and Victoria's crazy vengeance-seeking ways!

Plus, has Nolan known all along that David Clarke is alive? We'll attempt to answer that question and more in the latest Revenge Round Table right here on TV Fanatic! Join Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker as they break down "Ashes."

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 3?

Laura: I loved it when Nolan waltzed in with balloons for Emily and at one point he said "superheroes don't get balloons!" Of course he says this when Emily is in one of her "mean to Nolan" moods dismissing the doctor's & Nolan's concerns after the fire. How great is Gabriel Mann at playing Nolan? Amazing!

Christine: Laura, you stole my favorite! As usual Nolan was my favorite throughout the episode. From chastising Emily for looking for her "Oprah moment" with Charlotte to reminding her the girl tried to torch her like a marshmallow but my favorite was Nolan insisting on staying at Emily's to protect her. Emily may be badass but Nolan still plays the role of her protective big brother. 

Miranda: The superheroes comment was the first one I added to the Revenge Quotes page! It was that good! Since I'm really feeling them this season, I'll go with Daniel telling Margaux he didn't want her help finding a job because he doesn't want to spoil whatever it is they have. I thought that was a pretty grown-up move for ol' Daniel.

How despicable is Victoria for using her daughter (again) for her own gain?

Laura: Oh Vicky, you're such a liar! I wanted to climb into my TV and shake her! Especially when she told David Charlotte was the one who exonerated him! Omgosh! What nerve! I hope Charlotte wakes up and smells the Folgers soon!

Christine:  Victoria is so twisted that it's really no surprise that Charlotte's turned out to be a murderous psychopath. How she can claim she loves David and then turn him against his own daughter is scary but lets face it, no one on this show is sane.

Miranda: I really, really can't stand Victoria Grayson and her evil, lying, manipulative ways. In Revenge season 1, when she took down Lydia Davis she was sort of remarkable. As the seasons have progressed, she's just become a character I despise. 

Do you think Nolan knows David Clarke is alive?

Laura: I have gone back and forth with this. Remember Nolan was headed to the prison the day David was stabbed and called Aunt Carol to leave Grayson Global! He also helped Mason escape prison in almost the same fashion as David did, so was that Nolan's second time? I don't know! Would he really have kept it from Emily all this time? I don't know! I go back and forth with the idea he knew! We will see!

Christine:  I hope not because that would be such a betrayal to Emily and she needs at least one person in her life that she can trust. I'll be horribly disappointed in Nolan if he knows David is alive. 

Miranda: I absolutely think he does. The little look he gave Emily just before telling her he would be staying the night, yeah, I think he knows. For how long will be the question.

Would YOU go on a walk in the woods with Ben?

Laura: Heck no! He seems a bit stalkerish! It was kind of creepy how he showed up then proceeded to interrogate Emily followed by "I like long walks in the woods..." Then try Ben and find a girlfriend! 

Christine:  There's something about Ben that I don't trust. Maybe it's that the actor has played some shifty characters in the past and I'm projecting but no, I'd skip the walk in the woods and stick to public places with Ben. 

Miranda: Here's what I want to know: Just HOW BIG is Suffolk County that he's patrolling every single corner of it? He and Jack responded to Charlotte on the roof. Now he just happens to be out in the woods when Emily is. Dude is bizarre.

What scheme is Louise (Victoria's psych ward roommate) cooking up for Daniel?

Laura: Good question! I asked myself this too. She definitely has something up her sleeveless dress. Not sure yet what exactly, but she is definitely up to something! I am intrigued to find out! 

Christine:  My guess is she's after money since her mother is probably cutting her off and she mistakenly thinks that Daniel's got it. Whether or not she's out to hurt Victoria in the process remains to be seen. 

Miranda: She probably thinks she'll be able to screw Daniel over to get back at Victoria. Clearly she wasn't listening very closely to Daniel and Victoria's conversation when she was spying or she'd know that she'd be better off working WITH him instead of using him.

Did David Clarke recognize Emily as Amanda?

Laura: It sure appears as if he did. I hope so! That would put a wrinkle in Victoria's mind control David plan! I would love that! Can I add what's up with killing people with a knife? All those guns in the cabin and he brings the knife he most likely killed Conrad with?? Hmm...I see that possibly coming back to bite him later if there is DNA on it!  Can't wait to see next week's episode and find out!

Christine:  Her appearance definitely gave him pause but I'm not sure he actually recognized her as his daughter. He seemed to really believe that Amanda was his daughter and let's face it, the guy's not quite all there.

Miranda: I think he definitely did and now he's questioning absolutely everything about what he's been doing for the past however many years. That's probably why he'll get arrested and end up in a lineup in the next episode.

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