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On Reign Season 2 Episode 1 Mary is alone and reigning with Catherine while the Plague infiltrates the castle.

Mary has her hands full trying to keep her people safe. Catherine tries to pressure her to bow to the request of a nobleman even though it goes against every fiber of Mary's being. She and Catherine have a lot of talks about the love of their Kings and what it means to be a guest in your King's court if you let anything come between you and your King.

That something would be Lola and her baby. Francis ran out knowing fully well that his wife and his kingdom were at the precipice of a great plague, but still he went after Lola. He was prepared to let her go. Will he let her go or will it be too difficult for him make such a difficult decision?

Is it fair of him to have a son raised in the same manner of his brother, Bash? Bash is holding things together at the castle but the Plague comes very close to both him and his wife, Kenna. Will they be safe? 

Find out how Mary handles a terrible crisis and much more when you watch Reign online.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

And here we are. Ha. The two of us.


I tried to stop him from going to her when I found out about the Plague, but he went anyway.