Dancing With the Stars Review: Who Went Home in Week 4?

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It's that time in the competition when two things happen: more back story and more skin.

On Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Episode 6, we learned more about the contestants as they danced to music from their most memorable year, and the men started taking off their shirts-- even at unexpected times.

And you guessed it, another couple was sent home. So who was it?

Dancing with the Stars: Alfonso Ribiero and Witney Carson

To get viewers even more involved in the show, we had the chance to score each dance online. Those scores were averaged and accounted for a fourth paddle, making America the fourth judge. A good idea? Maybe. I think this actually served a few purposes. For starters, Dancing with the Stars seems especially interested in having live viewers. Each week there's some way for viewers to interact, usually via Twitter. This just steps that up a bit.

But it served another purpose, too. Sometimes, couples go home despite their talent, and that's because of viewer votes. This episode almost seemed to be an experiment -- and it had some interesting results. Turns out, viewers tended to vote the same or similarly to the judges.

And this was especially surprising for Jonathan's dance, which was a heck of a lot of fun to watch, but apparently wasn't technically sound. Viewers gave the same score as each judge, with 6s across the board. What this proves is that the viewers do have an idea what to look for, and that even though it may seem that way at times, this isn't always just a popularity contest.

Still, I think Jonathan should have gotten higher scores for his entertaining, Mean Girls themed Jive. What he lacks in technique, he makes up with in sincere enthusiasm. But the other thing I appreciate about this guy is that he listens -- and I mean really listens -- to what the judges have to say.

Bethany and Derek performed a beautiful Rumba, despite the fact that, according to the judges, this one lacked content. Julianne praised Bethany for her confidence, but told her brother, "Okay. Sorry, Derek. I'm gonna just beat you up now." She went on to talk about the lack of "Rumba content," and the other judges agreed. But that's okay, because this was one time that the viewers gave a higher score than the judges.

Antonio has been working on his dance moves, but he also danced shirtless tonight. After all, every season of Dancing with the Stars has to have a shirtless heartthrob, right?

But my favorite dances tonight were the ones that were fun and unique:

  • Tommy and Peta's Jive. I'm clearly a bit partial to Tommy Chong, but I just find him to be fun and surprising to watch. And Jailhouse Rock? Fantastic.
  • Sadia and Mark's Samba. They went all out for this one, complete with elaborate Duck Dynasty costumes. I was honestly surprised that they didn't get a perfect score.
  • Alfonso and Witney's Jazz. Obviously. Because Alfonso gave us the moment we've all been waiting for, and it was amazing. He danced the iconic "Carlton Dance" from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and he did it with gusto. Please can we see an encore of this performance at some point?
Dancing with the Stars: Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas

Okay, so how about those results? The couples in jeopardy this week were Betsey and Tony, Michael and Emma, and Tommy and Peta. I can't say that I was entirely surprised that these were the couples in jeopardy, but I was pretty upset to learn that Betsey and Tony were the next couple to go home.

Am I alone in that opinion, or do others agree? Who do you think should have gone home? Leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts!

Here are the score's from Week 4. But remember, this is only half of the story. Viewer votes count too! I wonder who will go home next week?

Alfonso and Witney (Jazz): 40

Lea and Artem (Rumba): 39

Sadie and Mark (Samba): 37

Janel and Val (Rumba): 36

Bethany and Derek (Rumba): 33

Betsey and Tony (Jive): 29 - ELIMINATED

Antonio and Cheryl (Samba): 29

Tommy and Peta (Jive): 28

Michael and Emma (Quickstep): 25

Jonathan and Allison (Samba): 24

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