Castle Season 7 Episode 5 Review: Meme is Murder

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Everything was just a blip on the net continuum on Castle Season 7 Episode 5, as a killer believed that even 15 minutes of fame was too much for celebrities of the internet. He reduced it down to 15 seconds on Snapomatic. 

Modern technology can be wonderful way to bring us together or it can just as easily be used to tear us apart. Adam Lane turned a fun internet blogger and a internet spoiled brat into bloody corpses and reveled in the fame he found by posting pictures of their bodies. It was a fairly gruesome way to find his own self worth. 

I enjoyed all of the inside commentary on social media and how it has changed the world. As Esposito said, when did posting photos become a career? And I'm with Beckett on renting out rooms in your home to total strangers from the internet just to make a few extra bucks. The very thought of it freaks me out. 

Adam Lane, aka Netslayer, was a victim of the dark side of the internet when humiliating video of him was posted for all to see. Although no one should ever have to endure something like that, it didn't give him the right to torment others to make himself feel more powerful.

When Netslayer posted photos of Rick and Kate enjoying their coffee, he made it look as though the brutal murders were the farthest thing from their minds. Although the photos were taken completely out of context, 1PP almost took Beckett off the case. Thankfully, Capt. Gates had her back, but it was clear that perception had become more important than reality in this Castle quote...


The truth doesn't matter Kate. It's a public relations problem now. The killer just turned you into the poster child for these murders not being solved.

Capt. Gates

Did anyone else notice that as Kate was having her meltdown back at the loft, she referred to Castle as a fellow cop more than once. I'm not sure that's ever happened before. And it was wonderful watching him try to talk her down and giving her a much needed hug after a bad day. 

Later, with the Snapomatic creators lives on the line, Beckett interrogated Adam and there is nothing more fun that watching badass Beckett in the box with a suspect. And Castle's confidence in her abilities always makes me smile. He never doubted for a moment that she could break Adam and save those men's lives. 

One small nit...unless that abandoned high school was a couple of blocks away, I don't see how Esposito and Ryan could have gotten there in less than seven minutes -- especially in NYC -- but this is TV so I'll let that one go. 

Finally we get to Castle 2.0. or as Castle put it...

It's time I let technology wrap me in its warm yet lucrative embrace.


Well, I don't know how warm it was, but hopefully it will be lucrative. Rick Castle can be quite the dichotomy; at times the ruggedly handsome ladies man, at others a complete dork...but a lovable dork all the same. 

Although there's no new Castle episode next week, it looks like there will be quite an event when the show returns. Fingers crossed that it will be the worth the wait. 

And if you missed a minute, you can watch Castle online right here at TV Fanatic. 

Meme is Murder Review

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