Castle Season 7 Episode 3 Review: Clear and Present Danger

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Classic Castle was back and it included a severe case of Castle interruptus as Rick and Kate tried to find some alone time now that they knew they were both ready.

The opening Caskett scene in Castle Season 7 Episode 3 with Rick and Kate at opposite ends of the sofa practically hiding behind their separate iPads illustrated the distance that has stood between these two since Castle's return. It was wonderful to hear how badly they wanted things to get back to normal and how they'd both been holding back thinking the other wasn't ready.

Rick was particularly cute with his exaggerated sigh of relief when he heard she'd be wearing his special Valentine's gift later that night.

Well, later that night turned out to be a bit optimistic. There was a murder to solve first and it was a doozy. 

How does a man end up with a pool cue shoved through his chest in a room where all of the doors and windows are locked from the inside. Like Beckett, for a moment I'd begun to wonder if Will was simply mentally unstable and had done it to himself but the mysterious opening of that door proved otherwise.

I suppose the devil always gets his due but Will was wrong about who the devil actually was. He thought working for the government on top secret technological advances was selling his soul to the devil but that wasn't the one who came calling to be repaid. Turned out Will paid the price for using an old girlfriend to complete his project and then dumping her for the second time since he'd left college. 

A woman scorned is a dangerous thing. A woman scorned with access to a cloaking suit will shove a pool cue through your chest if you've pushed her too far. 

This case had a lot of fun twists and turns with Will's metaphor about selling his soul to the devil, something Beckett quickly debunked in this Castle quote

Demons don't need help getting past security systems and the devil doesn't need to use the door.


Exactly and although I agreed there had to be a more logical explanation than the devil or the invisible man, watching Beckett be strangled by a mysterious and unseen hand was scary.  Castle's crazy theory turned out to be right. Not invisibility per se, but a cloaking suit. 

The paranoia followed Rick and Kate home as they finally got some alone time but couldn't seem to enjoy it as they were worried they were being watched. Which leads me to a pet peeve of mine… 

Who's idea was it to have an entire wall of Castle's bedroom be open bookshelves. It looks cool and I know Castle never seems to lock his door anyway but having anyone who walks into office be able to peer right into the bedroom is kind of ridiculous and creepy and just plain weird. It would have me paranoid even without the threat of the invisible man lurking about. 

Apparently Castle's zombie apocalypse survival training was only really necessary for keeping his mother from walking in on them.

Esposito and Ryan had a couple of really funny moments in this episode. First off, Ryan was moonlighting to make ends meet as a bouncer at a club. I loved how quick Espo was to pick up on it when he say the body glitter. Married women don't wear body glitter but did he really think that Ryan would be cheating on Jenny?

I kept waiting for Ryan to admit that he was security at a strip club but it wasn't the type I expected. Man-Hattan was a male strip club. I can't really imagine poor Ryan having to wrangle all of those sex starved women trying to rush the stage. It's hilarious to even think about. 

Then there was Javi's gift, the blue Speedo with SECURITY stamped on them. I think they should have matching pairs and pose for the 12th precinct's yearly calendar. Who's with me on that?

In the end Castle told Beckett…

I missed our mind melds.


They were having one of the those moments when they just look at one another in the middle of a case and everything clicks. We've missed that too. It was wonderful to finally see Kate and Rick get back to normal both at work and at home. And Castle certainly seemed to appreciate her version of an invisibility suit. 

So after lots of drama and angst, do you feel that Castle's got its groove back?

And as you really won't want to miss a minute, you can watch Castle online any time here at TV Fanatic. 

Here's a look, meanwhile, at Castle Season 7 Episode 4, "Child's Play."

Clear and Present Danger Review

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Castle Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Castle: What would you do if you were attacked by an invisible demonic force?
Beckett: I'd tell Ryan to lay off the bean burritos at lunch.

Beckett: The guy was hustling felons and he got himself killed. That's not creepy, that's probable cause. Beckett: The guy was hustling felons and he got himself killed. That's not creepy, that's probable cause.