Castle Round Table: Should Rick Find the Truth?

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A trip to Montreal brought some answers to Rick's disappearance…and a lot more questions. Should he continue to search for the truth or is it time to let it go and move on?

Below, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Stacy Glanzman, Michelle Carlbert, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Frances from the 12th a Castle Fan Forum to discuss when Rick and Kate should get married... to debate Esposito and Lanie's reconciliation... and to decide on the funniest moment from Castle Season 7 Episode 2...

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Should Rick continue to look for answers in his disappearance?

Jim: If this were real life I would recommend that he move on with his life. As Kate said, he knew the truth and didn't want to know it any more. However, as this is Castle (and not real life), I suspect the the truth will come out regardless of him trying or not. 

Stacy: Honestly, I'm just annoyed that Castle kind of ripped-off Alias. Like Jim said, he's probably better off letting it go and moving on with his life, but of course we all know that's not going to happen. The real question is how long will they make us wait for answers? 

Michelle: Interesting question. I don't think he necessarily --should-- do it because it's bound to lead him down a path of more trouble. But will he? Absolutely. There's no way that Rick Castle can let a mystery like this one go without finding out what really happened. 

Robin: I don't know. Logic says no, but if I were in his place I don't think I could live with not knowing. I don't know if he could actually be content that way.

Frances: I honestly don't know. The fact this man knew something that shook Castle to the core. I have a feeling he won't be barking up that tree. And now I want to know what happened when he was 11!

Christine: I'm with Robin on this one. Maybe he should but I don't think he can live with not knowing. I don't think I could either. 

Rick wanted to get married tomorrow. Kate wanted to wait. Whose side are you on?

Jim: Ricks! Hell, could they get married last week? How about eloping between episodes? In case it is not clear, dragging this wedding out the entire last season and then failing to launch has nearly driven me as mad as the Hatter. 

Stacy: Sigh...Kate's. I really wanted this wedding to happen in last season's finale, but since it didn't, I'm okay with waiting a little longer if it means getting a real wedding. I don't want to see any "post-it" weddings or something rushed.  I'm okay with a small ceremony w/ just the main cast, but I want an actual wedding after waiting this long for it. 

Michelle: I'm on Kate's. I think she was right to say that too much had happened and that Rick was seeking something that getting married wouldn't fix. They need to get back to normal, in their happy place, then do the wedding. 

Robin: Both? As much as I want them married yesterday, I totally understand and agree with Kate. He was trying to find an anchor, or solid ground, and they both amount to more than that. 

Frances: I was on team Castle but Kate called him out on the fact that this is not the answer to resolving his uneasiness of the whole situation. I can't blame her. She wants to be married in a good place emotionally with Castle.

Christine: Definitely Kate's. They've both been dealing with this trauma and they need some time to heal. I can't wait to see them married but I'm willing to wait a little while longer.

Esposito and Lanie are back together. Sound off. What do you think of them as a couple? 

Jim: YEAH!!!!!!!! I'm even ok that it happened "off stage" and that we are as surprised as Rick was. 

Stacy: I love them together. They're an awesome couple. I just hope they stay together this time. 

Michelle: Love it! I was kind of surprised that it happened basically off screen, but it's not like we didn't get hints that it was coming. I think they are a great pair and I look forward to seeing their relationship continue to develop. 

Robin: I think I'm in the minority here, but I actually stopped thinking about those two a long time ago. I guess it's a good thing, though. I think I need to see more of them as a couple to actually care more about them.

Frances:  One word. YAY. Plus Espo's ring tone?... gold.

Christine: Very happy. I think these two are cute together and I hope we get to see a little more of them this season. I also agree with Frances. The ring tone was awesome. 

What was the funniest moment of the episode?

Jim: I laughed so hard at Rick talking to the guy from the phone company about being on a "ship" that turned out to be a "space ship". His reaction when he got in the car was awesome. 

Stacy: "I'm a grown man and I don't need your permission. That being said, please, please can I go?" 

Michelle: Castle not being able to stop playing with all those toys. His face when the nerf gun went off was priceless. "You keep these loaded??"

Robin: I'm gonna go with Martha telling Rick to hide from her date. It was just so wrong on so many levels, but so hilarious.

Frances: OOH! I have so many I'll just mention 2. One is Castle giving a smooch to Gates and of course being an absolute little kid at the toy company.

Christine: I'm torn between Martha making Rick hide. I'm glad that despite being so distressed that she had to go to grief counseling that Martha hasn't changed a bit. Second was Castle's "Please, please, please can I go?" He'll make a great husband, hopefully sometime very soon!

Do you think we'll see a Caskett wedding in one month's time? Any predictions on the details? 

Jim: Two words: "November Sweeps."

Stacy: I'm sticking with November sweeps as well. Seriously though, it better be super sweet and not a cop-out. 

Michelle: When I first heard them say that, I kind of shook my head and thought, "No way." But I'm starting to think that it could be possible. I have a feeling that when it does happen again, there will be no big ceremony or white dress. I think they're going to do it on the spur of the moment somewhere with just their close friends and family. I think the idea of a big wedding probably doesn't have the appeal that it used to for them. 

Robin: I echo everyone who says November, and I predict small wedding with just the immediate family and friends. 

Frances: Well, nothing really delayed the first one (minus the kidnapping incident) so I can see it happening. Honestly I'm just as shook up as Castle on this episode that my mind is in a blank as to detailing a prediction.

Christine: Yup. November Sweeps is perfect. And my prediction is that Castle will surprise Kate with a beautiful, romantic, intimate wedding with just their immediate family and friends. 

What was your favorite scene of the episode? 

Jim: I really enjoyed Kate and Rick in bed at the end talking. Kate made some excellent points and Rick was genuine and honest. It reminds us why they are such a great couple.  

Stacy: I think I have to go with watching Rick's video to Kate. I love their "always" thing and I think that really helped Kate put to rest her doubts about what Rick was really feeling about her. Whatever happened to him, it had nothing to do with his feelings for her (we all knew that, but Kate clearly still wasn't sure). 

Michelle: Castle discovering that he was (apparently) the one who made himself forget what happened during those two months. I'm still not positive I completely believe that, but it was a great moment. I'm not sure it's true just because I think Castle would have tried harder to keep more things hidden, knowing how much he enjoys getting to the truth. Either way, it will lead to a lot of interesting storylines I'm sure. 

Robin: Absolutely the warehouse, where Castle meets faux Jenkins. We got two mysteries for the price of one - Castle's childhood AND his disappearance both got huge question marks.  I love that we're delving into Castle's story, and this sealed it for me. 

Frances: The one that still pops in my head is the scene that Castle sees the video on the memory card and he is just so upset and we get a glimpse that all is not well with Castle and the situation he is in. Bravo to Nathan hitting it on point.

Christine: I was thrilled that we're finally getting answers to why Castle writes murder mysteries. I've always known their had to be a story there and it's been bugging the heck out of my since he dodged the question in Castle season 2 Episode 6. I just hope we get the whole story sometime in the near future. 

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